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How to Have Anal Sex with Your Woman

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When it comes to sex, girls and women only look at one thing… ORGASMS!

…and if there’s one thing that we guys desire more than anything when it comes to sex, it is to give our lovers powerful orgasms and satisfy them beyond their wildest desires.

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Anal sex is extremely exciting. If you want to learn how to have anal sex with your girl or woman and give her a mind-blowing anal experience, then this post is for you.

In this post, I share with you how to have anal sex with your girl or woman.

The anus has a lot of nerve endings and it’s erotically sensitive to stimulation.

Know that the anus is lined with tissue and muscle that connects it to the clitoris… and thus anal pleasuring will feel pleasurable to a woman. [Read: ‘10 Interesting Facts about the Clitoris That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End’]

Before you venture into anal sex…

…discuss it with your girl or woman first.

She must agree to have anal intercourse beforehand.

Trying to penetrate a girl’s anus when she is not ready and receptive can be painful and uncomfortable for her. Not to mention, will piss her off.

Plus, there are two major reasons your girl will object to having anal sex.

First, she thinks it’s going to hurt… and yes it will if not done right.

And secondly, she is uncomfortable with what you will see there… you know.

So, you will need to help her overcome this fear and concern.

To do that:

  1. take a shower together before sex. It will make her feel fresher and cleaner.
  2. start out with fingering to get used to not only the pleasure of anal play but the feeling of having your penis in her butthole.
  3. if you are both concerned about fecal matter, use an enema bulb or douches to clean the anus… or use a condom.

Working your way around

At times it could be difficult talking to your woman about having anal sex with her…

…so the best way to go about this is to take a shower together and then deliberately wash her anus with soap and water… she will get the hint.

Discuss having anal sex with your girl or woman first before you venture into it… she needs to be open to the idea of having anal intercourse.

Moving forward

Don’t force your woman if she doesn’t want to have anal intercourse, or if she objects to touching her anal area.

With time she will be willing to try it.

With that said, let’s get started on how to have anal sex with your woman.

How to Have Anal Sex

Use an anal lubricant

Moisten your fingers and the anal passage with a good anal lubricant… use lots of it.

Make sure your hands are clean… and your fingernails are short or trimmed and filed at the edges to avoid bruising the anus.

Slowly insert your lubricated finger into her anus to get her used to the feeling of having your penis in her ass.

Start out slowly…

…and don’t push too far too fast.

Move your finger in and out and in circles to stretch the entrance to the anus.

Bear in mind that the wall that separates her anus and vagina is thin… so try stimulating the G-spot or the back of the A-spot through her anus.

This will enhance her pleasure and she will be okay with having your dick in her ass.

When it’s time to penetrate her with your penis…

…do so slowly and gently.

Stay still and let her control the movement at the beginning… this way she can relax her anus to accommodate your full manhood.

If you have a small penis, you can slide in and go deeper. But, if you are on the bigger side, then let her decide how deep she can take it.

Once it’s in, thrust back and forth slowly and carefully.

Take it extremely slowly and stop if she says it hurts.

If she says it hurts, withdraw and apply more lubricant before going back in there again.

While you are thrusting back and forth, use a finger that has not been in her ass to stimulate her clitoris… and you are guaranteed to give her mind-blowing anal pleasure.

So, this is how to have anal sex.

Practice safe anal sex

The anus contains bacteria and it should not come in contact with the vagina.

Never put anything that has been inside her anus into the vagina.

Never have vaginal sex right after anal sex without carefully washing your penis first.

Disinfect any anal sex toys that have been in her anus.

Keep in mind that a girl or woman doesn’t naturally lubricate in her anus, so always use plenty of lubricants designed for anal intercourse to make anal sex or the experience pleasurable for your woman.

Penetrating a woman’s or girl’s ass too fast and too hard can cause tears and abrasions to the lining of the rectum… so make sure your thrusting movements are slow and gentle.

For extra protection, put on a condom.

A girl’s or woman’s anal passage, unlike her vagina, doesn’t produce its own lubrication, so you will want to use lots of lubrication when you have anal sex.

So there you have it…

…how to have anal sex.

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I hope this article has given you an insight into how to have anal sex…

Do you find it helpful? Then share and tell people about it.

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