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How to Get Girls: A 3-Step Approach That Makes Girls Latch onto You and Never Let Go

“Learn How to Make Any Girl or Woman Feel A VERY STRONG SEXUAL DESIRE for You and Fall Head-Over-Heels in Love with You in A Relatively Short Time… Guaranteed!”

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If there’s one thing that we guys want, it’s to get girls.

We imagine ourselves meeting pretty girls, having good times with them, making them happy, and getting what we set out to get – love, romance, relationship – whatever!

If you’re single and want companionship in your life – you want to get girls – then this post will help you attain that.

Here, I share with you how to get girls.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Get Girls – The Gist

To get girls, you have to primarily do 4 things… or follow 3 simple steps and do 1 final task:

  1. get yourself looking the best you can and smell incredibly nice – to spark their interest
  2. hit it off with them on an emotional level
  3. give them a great time
  4. then make a move on them at the opportune time

Let’s go into detail.

How to Get Girls

Before we get to it, I will assume you already know how to meet and approach girls…

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Now, to the steps on how to get girls.

To get girls, first…

…get yourself looking the best you can and smell incredibly nice

This makes you attractive and makes girls responsive and receptive to you… answer your calls, respond to your messages, and willingly want to go out with you.

This will give you the opportunity to win girls’ hearts and successfully get them.

You see, if girls see you and you’re looking all messy and smelling bad, they won’t like you enough to want to hang out with you or go out with you.

So, to get girls…

…look good and smell incredibly nice.

Start by getting yourself a nice haircut if not already.

If you have an unkempt beard or mustache, think about trimming them.

Next, wear or get yourself some simple and nice clothes and footwear. Get clothes that fit, not those that look super baggy.

Don’t try too hard to look good… just go simple.

Plus, you don’t have to spend so much money on clothes and shoes to look attractive.

Now, the most important factor…

…your scent

Bathe or shower at least once a day – no, twice a day – to stay clean and fresh. And use a good deodorant.

Put on a nice perfume. Get a perfume that lasts for hours.


…since you will be in close physical proximity to girls to talk to them, you will want to make sure you don’t hit them with foul breath.

You see, you don’t want to repel girls and ruin your chances of getting them.

Both bad body odor and foul breath are a major turn-off for not only girls but all people.

There is nothing more unattractive to girls than having to tolerate unpleasant odors… most especially, foul breath. Yikes!

That said…

…make sure that your breath is great.

Brush your teeth and scrub your tongue. Do this at least twice a day. And use mouthwash.

And always carry breath mints with you.

If you have to shave your armpits, do it… to reduce foul odor.

Still on the subject of being in close physical proximity to girls…

…make sure you don’t have an unsightly nose and ear hair sticking out. It’s an instant turnoff. So trim your nose and ear hairs.


Always look your best and smell nice – not only when you’re with girls…

…get yourself looking the best you can whenever you’re going out in public because you just never know when you will meet a girl you will like.)

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Looking good and smelling incredibly nice makes girls responsive and receptive to you.

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Now, as you spark girls’ interest to get their attention and time, the next step is to…

…hit it off with them on an emotional level

It’s that simple, really!

All you have to do is talk about yourselves.

…talk about your daily experiences – the hilarious things that happened to you, something interesting that you or someone did, etc. [Read: ‘Things and Topics to Talk About with a Girl’]

Now, the secret is to take a genuine interest in their lives – focus your conversations on them. Be curious about who they are, what they like, what they’re passionate about…

Let their interests be your interests and be excited by the things they are excited by.

And remember, you cannot hit it off with girls without some laughs… so make your conversations as fun and funny as you can. [Read: ‘How to Make a Girl Laugh’]

And when all is said and done, demonstrate empathy… tap into their emotions and feelings and demonstrate that you understand them or where they’re coming from. In other words, see their side of things. [Read: ‘How to Talk to Girls’ and ‘Questions to Ask a Girl’]

When you communicate this way with girls, you emotionally arouse them. And they will begin to feel emotionally attracted to you. [Read: ‘How to Connect with a Girl or a Woman on a Deep Emotional Level’]

Once you trigger girls’ emotions and tune it up, their attraction and desire for you will grow substantially with time.

Now, as you hit it off with girls on an emotional level, your next task – to maximize their attraction towards you and get them – is to…

…give them a great time

Occasionally take them out and have a fun time together.

You can go to the mall and window shop for a bit and then head to somewhere cool or interesting for sightseeing.

You can go to carnivals.

Or you can go to the beach.

You can even go ice-skating.

Heck, you can stay in, order pizza, and watch your favorite show together.

Always do something fun and memorable and maximize the time you spend together. [Read: ‘How to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You’ and ‘The Best Strategy for Making a Girl Your Girlfriend’]

Girls crave fun… they want to have a good time

Girls want to enjoy themselves more than anything.

When you give girls fun, they will feel a rush of attraction for you. Or their existing attraction for you will be amplified.

They will become emotionally attached to you and will want to hang out with you all the time and as much as possible.

This is crucial to successfully get girls because you want to give them a reason to want to be with you or have a relationship with you.

You see, for girls to want to hang out with you and do it over and over again, they’ve got to have a reason…

…and by giving them a great time, they will want to repeat the experience – hang out with you and enjoy themselves.

To get girls, be fun to be around.

Keep girls in a fun mode and they won’t want to leave your side. [Read: ‘A Simple But Overlooked Tip that Easily and Quickly Builds Attraction with Girls’]

Girls gravitate toward guys who are fun to be around.

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A piece of advice here

Don’t spend so much money on your outings – you don’t have to spend lots of money to have fun.

This is also to say, don’t spend to show off.

We guys tend to or more especially WANT to treat girls very nice including spending money on them to make them like us.

Plus, most guys tend to shower money on girls to show them that they can take care of them financially – in the hopes that it will get a girl to like them and have a relationship with them.

Show some self-restraint.

You see, you don’t want to come across as if you’re buying a girl’s affection and love. Because that’s the impression girls get when we spend money on them.

And besides, if you spend money on a girl to get her to like you, she will see through it.

And not only can this work against you, but most girls can also make you spend on them – take as much money from you.

So again, show some self-restraint.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you will end up spending so much money…

…find fun and interesting things to do that don’t cost a lot of money.

Yes, you don’t want to spend so much money on your outings or on girls… but you don’t want to be stingy either.

Spend when necessary.

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Money spent doesn’t necessarily equal leg opening.

Before we get to the final step…

…understand this:

Desire (for someone) is all about feelings (toward them).

This is to say that the feelings girls experience in your company, determine whether they will like you or dislike you.

So, you want to give the girls that you want to have a relationship with good feelings and memorable moments.

Because if girls are going to want you and want to be in an intimate relationship with you, it is the feelings they have when they’re with you that will make them want to be in an intimate relationship with you.

You don’t have to have tons of money or be insanely good-looking to get girls…

…you just have to make them feel good about you. [Read: ‘How to Get Girls When You Don’t Have the Male-Model Good Looks’]

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Desire is all about feelings.

Now, the final step.

As you get girls to like and fall in love with you, your next step is to…

…make a move on them at the opportune moment

If you have a girl hang out with you often and spend a lot of time around you and for several hours…

If you’re having a great time together and you can tell the girl is into you…

If a girl is being touchy-feely with you…

And above all, if she’s being suggestive with her words or doing things to excite you, make a move on her

…go in for a kiss at that opportune moment.

Not only is kissing a girl – and having her kiss you back – a sure-fire indicator that she’s really into you and willing to move things into the romantic arena with you… it also tells her you’re not looking to be just friends with her – but that you have a romantic interest in her.

When it comes to wanting to get intimate with girls…

…it’s a tendency to want to wait for a girl to give you the go-ahead – to give you “permission” to kiss her or make a move on her.

You might look to a girl to be explicit about her feelings and desire for you before you attempt to make a move on her.

You probably think that girls perceive guys who make moves on them as perverts and therefore you wouldn’t want to risk it.

Heck, you might think that holding off or “respecting” girls to make a move on them will make them want you.

But get this…

…you risk losing a girl if you don’t make a move on her. In other words, some guy might come along and steal her away. [Read: ‘When You Have Feelings for a Girl – Don’t Make This Mistake’]

“Respecting” girls too much to make a move on them can work against you.

Why is that?

Because for one, girls are passive people when it comes to guys and romance

…they look to us guys to make the first move. (Traditionally, we guys are responsible for making the first move.)

Secondly, if you DON’T express your romantic interest in a girl (make a move on her), she’ll think that you are not into her. And she will find someone who is. [Read: ‘A Devastating Mistake You’re Likely Making with Girls You Have Feelings For’]

It’s understandable…

…you might NOT want to put yourself out there unless you are sure girls will reciprocate the interest.

But you see, you have to be willing to “expose yourself” – demonstrate your romantic interest in the girls you desire – to have them reciprocate that interest or show their feelings for you too.

Girls take a passive role when it comes to getting intimate with a guy… they wait to be pursued, they look to us guys to seduce them, and whatnot.

So don’t look to girls to give you a go-ahead to kiss them or get intimate with them. They won’t.

You have to make the first move – and make it at the earliest opportunity.

If you wait for girls to express their feelings for you or initiate intimacy with you instead of acting or taking the lead, you’ll be disappointed.

Unless the girl you have with you is proactive, she won’t take the lead or be the one to make the first move.

The longer you wait to make your move on a girl, the closer she will start to lose her feeling of attraction for you. And the longer this goes on, the worse the situation gets.

Besides, she will feel too comfortable around you that she will lose any feeling of desire for you and will want to settle for just friendship.

So have confidence in that fact that when you have girls willingly hang out with you often and spend a lot of time around you and for several hours…

If they wear an enticing outfit such as a revealing or see-through top without a bra that makes their tits visible…

If girls are touchy-feely with you…

If you have a girl wanting to spend some alone-time with you at your place, and above all, if she’s often suggestive with her words or does things to excite you, she will be open to getting intimate with you.

Any girl who has a healthy level of attraction for you will want you to make a move on her.

Here, she might express a little reluctance at first – that’s because she won’t want to seem easy. But you will still have to seduce her. And she will want you to.

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Girls are passive people and they look to us guys to make the first move.

So, there you have it…

…how to get girls. Or have girls want to be in an intimate relationship with you.

First, get yourself looking the best you can and smell incredibly nice – to spark their interest.

Then hit it off with them on an emotional level.

Then next, give them a great time.

And when you can tell a girl is into you, you make your move on her.

Now, here’s a secret tip:

You have to be taking progressive steps forward – always move forward toward your next romantic goal with girls. Or in this case, move your encounter with girls toward intimacy.

When you meet girls for the first time and your conversation with them is going well, ask for their phone number. [Read: ‘How to Get a Girl’s Phone Number’]

When you get a girl’s interest and time, you must bring your interaction to a seductive level.

When girls are acting friendly towards you, start to be touchy-feely with them. [Read: ‘How to Touch a Girl for The First Time and Afterward’ and ‘If You Can Do This to a Girl without Getting Bitch-Slapped, She’s Ready to Be Kissed’]

When a girl is responding positively, start to flirt with her. [Read: ‘How to Flirt with a Girl’]

If you’re out with a girl, try and get her back to your place and show her all the cool stuff you’ve got. (Hint: Home is where shit happens). [Read: ‘How to Get a Girl to Come Over to Your Place’]

Always be advancing.

Take progressive steps toward intimacy with girls.

Don’t waste time trying to ‘read’ girls – checking to see if a girl is into you – it is a huge waste of time… just boldly keep advancing.

When you really want something, you make it happen… you don’t hope it happens. [Read: ‘What to Do When You’re Too Scared to Tell a Girl How You Feel About Her’]

If a girl doesn’t like where things are going, you will know. [Read: ‘11 Obvious Signs a Girl Is Not Interested in You’]

Read, Also: ‘How to Tell If a Girl Likes You’ and ‘How to Tell If a Girl Is Interested in You


…it’s a tendency to want to wait for girls to give you the go-ahead – to give you “permission” – to take things to a seductive level with them.

But you see, if you’re not moving forward with girls, moving from one step to the next, escalating their desire (for you) each step of the way, if you don’t progress forward with seduction, you risk losing them.

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Now, understand…

Never rush girls.

We guy always want to get intimate too quickly.

But if girls feel rushed, they hold back from any advances toward them – because they don’t want to seem easy.

So, don’t rush things…

…take progressive steps.

So again, there you have it…

…how to get girls.

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I hope this article has given you a deep insight into how to get girls.

Do you find it helpful? Then share and tell people about it.

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