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How to Get a Girl or a Woman to Come Over to Your Place

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Okay, so how do you get a girl or a woman to come over to your place? Or how do you invite a girl over to your place?

You met a girl, you liked her, you would want her to come over to your house… how do you make it happen?

How do you get her to come over to your place and then come back again and again and again?


…suggest cooking a meal for her.

Cooking is the simplest way to get any girl to come over to your place

Get yourself a cookbook, watch the food channel, or do a search online for a few good recipes…

…and then learn to cook a few simple and delicious meals, including how to make a mouth-watering dessert.

Then invite the girl over.

Say this:

  • “Hey, I’ve got a great idea. I’ve been dying to cook this great dish that I love. Why don’t you come over, and I’ll make you dinner?”

It’s that simple…

…and even a girl or a woman who you’ve just met will gladly comply with your request and would want to come home with you. [Read: ‘Forget Expensive Dinners: Do Just This One Thing and Make a Woman Feel Attraction for You’]

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It’s romantic…

…and it ultimately adds to your attractiveness.

It’s more romantic than a traditional date, and any girl or woman you treat to this will love you for it. [Read: ‘How to Make a Girl or a Woman Feel Special, Loved and Desired’]

This is one of the little things that make women want to be in a relationship with a man… plus the other thing if you know what I mean ☺. [Read: ‘How to Get a Girl to Like You’ and ‘How to Impress a Girl and Make Her Feel Naturally Attracted to You’]

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Treating a woman to a delicious home-cooked dinner is more romantic than a traditional date.

You stand out from the other guys she knows

Here, you will display a desirable trait and ability – cooking.

It’s definitely something she’s never experienced with any other guy before.

And not only will she have a memorable experience and feel a strong attraction for you, but she will also want to come back for more. [Read: ‘A Simple But Overlooked Tip that Builds Attraction with a Girl Quickly’]

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This is the perfect time to impress a girl

Now… what to do with a girl at your house!

First impression counts, so make sure you keep your house clean and organized… including the kitchen. No bad odors.

Have decent furniture.

Sweep and vacuum the floor.

Keep your bathroom clean and smelling nice, especially the toilet and sink.

Now, when a girl comes over to your house or when she arrives, pour her a glass of wine and have her keep you company in the kitchen as you prepare the meal.

And have on an interesting apron when cooking… it’s going to fascinate her.

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The ability to cook delicious meals makes you attractive and desirable to women.

Have interesting things in your house on display

Show her all the cool and interesting things you have… you should get some at your place if you don’t have any.

Have things in your apartment or house that are interesting, and fascinating to talk about.

Basically, anything that you can have a conversation about is good to have on display.

Think about the stuff women would find fascinating and interesting, then scatter them around your house.

Have paintings on your wall (not posters).

Books and magazines about interesting topics are great.

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If you’re going to watch a movie later…

I recommend a movie that appeals to women.

You see, when you’re with a girl or a woman you desire, your goal is to have her feel a strong attraction for you.

Here, sit very close to each other on the couch and enjoy the movie. [Read: ‘How to Tell If a Girl Likes You’ and ‘How to Tell If a Girl Is Interested in You’]

So there you have it… how to get a girl to come to your house or how to get a girl to come home with you.

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When you’re with a girl or a woman you desire, your goal is to have her feel a strong attraction for you.

Final Words

You can even suggest cooking her dinner at her place… then, later on, invite her over to your place for another delicious meal.

Again, she’s going to find you unique and desirable… and don’t be surprised when you end up ‘cooking’ in her bedroom later.

Here is the thing…

…when you’re with a woman or a girl you have romantic feelings for and you would want to take things into the romantic arena, your goal is to stand out in an attractive way and imprint memorable and fun experiences in her mind. [Read: ‘What Causes Women to Feel Attraction for Men’]

Be thoughtful and romantic in a simple way as cooking a delicious meal for her… and let her have a good time with you.

In the end, the more you can stand out and separate yourself from the other guys she meets, the better your chances of getting her to feel attracted to you.

So again, there you have it…

…how to get a girl to come over to your house or how to make a girl come to your house.

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