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How to Find a Girl to Date

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Finding a girl to date is the first step to finding a partner and having a relationship.

If we aren’t able to find a girl, then we will never be able to date and have the relationship that we so desire.

That said…

…in this article, I share with you how to find a girl to date.

Before You Approach a Girl for a Date, Read This…

How to find a girl to date – the process

It’s not difficult to find a girl to date.

In fact, anywhere you see a girl is an opportunity to walk up to her, initiate a conversation with her, ask her out, and then start dating.

Just a brief exchange of words, and if you like each other before you know it, you’re dating.

That being said, to find a girl to date, start out by…

…interacting with the people in your immediate environment (#1.)

This is where you reside, your school, and the workplace.

This is one of the best places to find a girl to date.

If you’re in college or the university, then you should know that this place is a goldmine of girls.

It’s full of young, single girls looking for love themselves.

Frequenting the library, cafeteria, etc. can help you find a girl to date.

Initiate a conversation with that gorgeous neighbor, coursemate, or co-worker…

…she will likely be single.

Chat for a while and you might hit it off with her. [Read: ‘How to Start a Conversation with a Girl’ and ‘How to Talk to Girls’]

Ask her out and then start dating. [Read: ‘How to Ask a Girl Out’ and ‘When to Ask a Girl Out’]

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The second method to find a girl to date is to…

…take part in social activities (#2.)

Especially, social activities that are heavily attended by girls such as parties and other singles events.

Parties are frequently a good way to meet girls. [Read: ‘How to Meet Girls’ and ‘Places to Meet Single Girls’]

If there aren’t many parties, then you could go to a club or any other social event. These are sure places to find single girls.

Concerning clubs, the girls here are more open to meeting new people.

Find a girl you like, and then initiate a conversation with her. [Read: ‘How to Talk to Girls at Parties and Clubs’]

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One way to find a girl to date is to take part in social activities that are heavily attended by girls.

Now, similar to taking part in social activities to find a girl to date is to…

…go out to places where girls are more likely to be (#3.)

Think of where girls like to hang out, then start going to these places.

Consider the mall… this is an excellent place to find a girl to date.

Go wander or move around and find yourself a girl to talk to.

Another great place to find a girl to date is the beach.

There’re tons of girls there.

Beaches are swarmed with girls because there are lots of fun things going on at the beach that attract girls there.


If you enjoy playing volleyball, go down to the beach and see if you can play a game with the ladies… hopefully, you will find a girl you like.

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Next on how to find a girl to date…

#4. Hang out with your friends and colleagues

You can find a girl to date through your friends and colleagues… especially, your platonic female friends (the ones you don’t have any romantic interest in).

You will have the opportunity to meet girls in their social circle.

Here, be friendly and keep in touch with them.

Call them up and meet up with them.

Hang out and go out with them.

Invite them to come along and do something with you – go bowling or to a movie. Invite them out to parties and other social events.

Tag along if they have something going on.

In the end, you’re going to meet girls through them.

Be of value to your friends and colleagues… encourage them, be positive, be a good friend, and make them enjoy your company.

The more fun, positive, and optimistic you are, the more your friends and colleagues will like you and will want to hang out with you more… and consequently, you will get to meet girls in their social circle and then find a girl to date.

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The more social you are, the more girls you’ll meet.

The next way to find a girl to date is to…

…make good use of your social media account (#5.)

Send a private chat to the girl you like.

You can initiate an online conversation by making reference to something funny a girl states in her bio…

…use something you both have in common (similar interests and whatnot) as a conversation starter.

Get to know who she is…

…and if she turns out to be interesting, meet her in real life and start dating.

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…take advantage of dating sites (#6.)

In addition to finding a girl to date through social media, online dating websites are also a great place to find girls.

This is a major place to find a girl to date… a real opportunity to find single girls.

The girls here are looking for the same thing you are – to find someone to date.

Find a girl you like, then send her a chat.

Chat online for a while then get her on the phone as soon as you possibly can.

Don’t become just another online pal. Don’t waste a lot of time chatting online.

Get things OFFLINE as soon as possible!

Once you get her on the phone, you will have to chat for a while to have her build up a little trust before you try to set up a meeting.

Try to set up a meeting as quickly as you can then start dating.

If you’re the shy type, you should give online dating a try…

…this will help increase your experience with girls and dating since you can practice everything in slow motion.

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So, there you have it…

…how to find a girl to date.

It’s not difficult to find a girl to date.

Just take part in social activities, go out to places where girls are more likely to be, hang out with your friends and colleagues, make good use of your social media account, and take advantage of dating sites.

When you find a girl you like, start dating.

Before You Start Dating, Read This…

Want to date a particular type of girl?

If you want to find a particular type of girl to date, go to the places that are designed to help you meet that particular type of girl.

For instance, if you want to date a wild party girl, nightclubs are packed with lots of them.

If you want to date the religious type, you will have to go to religious places like the church.

Think about where the type of girl that you would like to date would likely be… then start frequenting these places.

If you want to date a girl with the same interests and hobbies as you, then go to places that cater to your interests and hobbies. For example, if you’re into Arts, hang out at the art gallery or go to art festivals, you will find the girl you like there.

If you’re into water sports like surfing, kayaking, parasailing, jet-skiing, flyboarding, go to the beach… you’ll find a girl who’s into water sports as well.

You like to dance, find a dance class and sign up. [Read: ‘How to Meet and Date Someone with The Same Interests and Hobbies as You’]

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So again, there you have it…

…how to find a girl to date.

I hope this article has given you an insight into how to find a girl to date.

Do you find it helpful? Then share and tell people about it. And comment below and let me know what you think.

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