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You’re the Worst Lover Ever If You Do This When Having Sex

“Learn How to Give a Girl or Woman the Most Outrageous Orgasm of Her Life – An Orgasm Far More Powerful and Intense Than Anything She’s Ever Experienced… An Orgasm She Will Remember for The Rest of Her Life and Will Be Telling Her Girlfriends About Later.”

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When it comes to sex, girls and women only look at one thing… ORGASMS!

…and if there’s one thing that we guys desire more than anything when it comes to sex, it is to give our lovers powerful orgasms and satisfy them beyond their wildest desires.

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This video tutorial teaches step-by-step how to give women or girls three separate orgasms AT ONCE: Clitoral, G-Spot, and Anal Orgasm combined into one mega-orgasm.

This form of orgasm is BY FAR the most powerful and intense orgasm than anything women have ever experienced – the most powerful and intense orgasm a man can give a woman.

Sex is a rewarding and mutually pleasurable experience.

When it comes to sex, we all look to ONE thing… ORGASM!

We all want to get ourselves off and forget about everything else in the world besides enjoying the post-orgasmic bliss.

A woman for instance, when she’s on top facing forward, will innately grind her clitoris against her man’s pubic bone to try and make herself come.

But unfortunately, most guys would like to take the reins – grab hold of their woman and rather thrust in and out – instead of having their woman grind her clitoris against them.

If you’re in the habit of doing this – taking the reins or interrupting your woman as she rides you – you’re robbing her of her much-needed orgasm…

…and that makes you the WORST LOVER EVER.

Lemme explain

Clitoral stimulation (or stimulation of the clitoris) is the most common way for a girl or a woman to achieve orgasm. And the girl-on-top sex position, precisely the cowgirl position, is the best position for a girl or a woman to grind her clitoris against a man’s pubic bone to try and have an orgasm.

You see, women who can orgasm during sex generally do it when they’re on top – cowgirl-style… because this position allows for greater stimulation of the clitoris.

So as your partner straddles you on top facing you, she will innately grind her clit against your pubic bone to try and bring herself to an orgasm.

Now, abruptly taking control and opting for the “pump-style, in-and-out” thrusting – when she wants to grind her genitals against your pubic bone will rob her of her much-needed orgasm.

The cowgirl sex position is the best position for a girl or a woman to orgasm in.

The Woman On Top Cowgirl Sex Position
The Woman On Top Cowgirl Sex Position

When your girl or woman gets on top during sex…

Don’t be the one to do the “fucking”…

…leave everything to her. Unless she’s lazy and wants you to do all the work.

Other than that, let her take charge and have her way with you.

Not only does she know the rhythm, the speed, how deep she wants you to penetrate her, and where it feels good for her… but she knows how to bring herself to an orgasm.

So NEVER interrupt your partner when she’s on top during sex. Most especially, when she’s grinding against your pubic bone.

When a woman or a girl gets on top during sex, it’s for you to relax and let her do her thing.

When a girl is getting close to climax… you will notice she’ll start grinding back into you hard and fast.

Help her reach orgasm faster

When your partner gets on top during sex, reach up to grab her boobs and fondle them. Or lean forward and suck on her nipples.

This will heighten her excitement and arousal and make her orgasm faster.

Fondling a woman’s breast during sex will heighten her excitement and arousal and make her orgasm faster.

Woman On Top Sex Position - Breast Fondling

So there you have it…

…how to be the worst lover ever or how to be a better lover, your choice.

Does your woman like to be on top – cowgirl style?

Every so often does your partner like to be in control?

Let her…

…and watch as she rides you back and forth.

This is ideal for your partner to position her clitoris against your pubic bone and bring herself to orgasm.

When your partner is on top of you, instead of her thrusting up and down, encourage her to grind her clit against your pubic bone instead. This will provide sufficient friction on the clitoris and prime her for an orgasm sooner.

I hope this article has not only given you an insight into how to please your woman in bed but also how to ensure she reaches an orgasm… and gets there much faster.

Do you find it helpful? Then share and tell people about it. And comment below and let me know what you think.

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