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22 Ways to Appear Confident (and Get Any Woman Attracted to You)

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Confidence is the most important personality trait to exhibit when dealing with women.

Women love guys with confidence. Because, when you act in a confident manner, you non-verbally communicate to a woman you’re comfortable in any environment and you can handle whatever happens.

Most men get nervous when they’re in the presence of the woman they desire… so they try hard to please her because they’re afraid they will lose her.

Demonstrate self-confidence by acting differently…

…and in this article, I share with you how to look confident (or how to appear confident).

Without further ado, let’s get started…

How to Look Confident

Here’re 22 ways to appear confident, and get any woman attracted to you:

  1. When you stand, have a broad posture with shoulders back (not hunched over) with your head held high. And when in public or in a social environment, try to take up space.
  2. When walking, walk with purpose… not too fast, not too slow. Hold your head high and walk with a swagger.
  3. Show dominance and be in control of situations. This is a leadership characteristic that demonstrates that you have confidence in yourself. [Read the #1 trait that attracts women]
  4. Hold strong eye contact during your conversation with women. It communicates to them you’re not nervous around women. And consequently, they will find you to be confident.
  5. Demonstrate that you have standards. Let women or girls know that you know what is good for you and you don’t settle for mediocrity.
  6. Make decisive choices and stick to them. Women will ALWAYS test you to see if you’re like the rest of the guys they meet. To pass their tests, you need to stick to what you say.
  7. Have an “I don’t care” attitude. Don’t put a girl on a pedestal hoping she will love you for it. Put yourself first and don’t be afraid of losing a girl. [Read why taking the risk to upset a girl is the best way to make her feel a strong attraction for you]
  8. Demonstrate non-neediness. Remove your desires when you first meet a woman. Demonstrate you’re not hitting on her… and that you have options. [Read how to make any girl want you so bad]
  9. Be attracted to yourself, or love yourself regardless of any physical limitations. In other words, have confidence in your looks. “If you believe you’re an interesting, attractive guy, then you’ll display a confident attitude that’s attractive to women. Fix what you can, then learn to accept the things beyond your control,” says dating expert Steve Scott.
  10. Demonstrate strength – that nothing fazes you at all. Don’t be stressed out about a problem.
  11. Speak in a deep voice. “Someone like this doesn’t even really need to say that much. With just that sound of his voice, he can easily attract women,” says dating expert Morten Olesen
  12. Speak slowly and use deliberate pauses when talking. “They generally show a strong level of confidence. The self-assured man stops and holds his thoughts, while the nervous guy hurries through his conversation,” says dating expert Steve Scott.
  13. Demonstrate high-status.
  14. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion and tell people what you think. And disagree with people’s viewpoint when they’re without regard for facts or truth. And this also means, disagreeing with what a girl says when they’re unfounded.
  15. Get rid of the nice guy personality – the unattractive needy attitude. Don’t try too hard to please or impress a girl. (This is similar to having standards). [Read ‘Why Women Don’t Find Nice Guys Attractive’ and ‘Why Women Don’t Choose Men That Are Good for Them’]
  16. Another sign of a confident man is teasing. So, tease a girl playfully once in a while.
  17. Show a relaxed pose in any situation.
  18. Lean in close when talking to women.
  19. Touch people around you as you engage them in conversation. [Read how to touch a woman]
  20. Display a confident smile when talking to a woman. To accomplish this, have a positive outlook that any woman will enjoy your company.
  21. Demonstrate a fun personality. “The more you enjoy yourself, the more you’ll project an aura of positive energy and confidence”, says Morten Olesen.
  22. Demonstrate positivity.

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So there you have it – how to appear confident (or how to look confident)

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