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FAQ: How Should I Start a Conversation with a Girl?

Question: How should I start a conversation with a girl?


If she’s a girl you’ve just met, there’re several ways to start a conversation with her…

…you can:

  1. be direct or straightforward… simply saying “Hi”, then carry on from there
  2. notice something interesting about her to comment on
  3. make a comment about whatever is happening at the present moment
  4. contribute an input on whatever she’s doing at that particular moment
  5. ask her a generic question or ask her opinion or her (female) perspective on something

So after spotting the girl and you would like to talk to her, observe her situation and use any of the above conversation starter to initiate a conversation with her.

But if you’re already friends, then simply say something like…

“Anything interesting?”

is enough to get her talking and sharing stuff with you.