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How Girls Test Guys’ Insecurities

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One of the most common tests girls throw at guys is the ‘Insecurity’ Test.

When a girl meets a guy she thinks she might be interested in, she’s likely to test his insecurities… to see if he’s a confident guy or just another wimp she has to get rid of quickly.

If there’s one thing you can do to increase your attractiveness to girls, it’s pass this test.

Let’s get to it.

How Girls Test Guys’ Insecurities

Girls often test our insecurities by seeing how we will react to situations that will make a guy jealous.

For instance, they deliberately bring up a guy in a conversation.

She will go like…

“There’s this guy in my phycology class. He’s very hilarious. He drives this nice sports car. Blah, blah, blah.”

Here, if she keeps talking about the guy, then that should tell you that she’s deliberately trying to get a reaction from you to test your insecurities.

The next example goes like this:

You: “Hey, I called last night but couldn’t reach you.”

Her: “Yeah, I would have called you back, but I was out at dinner last night.”


Her: “Yeah, I would have called you back, but I went out with a friend.”

Most often they won’t disclose the gender of the person to keep you contemplating.

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How you’re likely to react

Here, you will be contemplating who this guy is and what your girl or the girl feels for him, and whatnot.

Fear will start to creep in… you will fear your girl likes this guy and that he might steal her away from you.

You’re likely to act jealous.

You’re likely to put the guy down or one-up him in the spirit of competitiveness.

You’re likely to belittle him and brag to have an advantage over him.

Doing any of these will reveal you are insecure and that you lack self-confidence

…and it can undermine your relationship. [Read: ‘Why Girls Don’t Choose Guys That Are Good For Them’]

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How to go about this kind of situation

Avoid any sort of jealous behavior… never act jealous.

No put-downs, don’t one-up, don’t belittle nor brag, don’t do or say anything that will give away your insecurities.

Act like you don’t care.

It’s going to be tough but do it.

Here’s something to motivate you:

Let’s assume you lose your girl to this guy.

She’s not the only girl in the world.

There’re billions of girls out there.

And hundreds more like her.

And thousands more that are even better than her.

So don’t be threatened.

Don’t be afraid to lose a girl.


If another guy should be able to steal a girl from you, then that’s a problem.

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That having been said, moving on…

Again, when a girl brings up a guy in a conversation, don’t do or say anything that will give away your insecurities.

Act like you don’t care. [Read: ‘22 Ways to Appear Confident and Get Any Girl Attracted to You’]

Sure, talk about it for a while like you would any normal conversation, then gradually change the subject.

Don’t hang on talking about the guy.

Don’t ask questions about him.

Let her do all the talking and listen.

When she’s done, you smoothly transition into talking about something else, something rather more inspiring… like how kids are cute and adorable.

When she says something like, “I was out at dinner last night” or “I went out with a friend”, don’t ask her who she was out with…

…just respond with something like, “Wow, sounds like you had a great time?” with a genuine smile on your face, then gradually change the conversation to something else.

If she keeps at it or brings it up again (and she will if she’s trying to get a reaction from you or make you jealous), then listen as she shares details, talk about it for a while, and again smoothly transition into talking about something else.

Pass girls tests

Give a girl the impression that her date or time with another guy does not upset or faze you one bit.

If you start asking her questions about the guy, she’s going to sense your insecurities. Trust me!

Here’s a secret tip:

When a girl says she’s going to go hang out with some other guy, say, “have fun” without any hint of jealousy.

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You see, girls won’t want to screw up the perfect relationship they’ve got going with a guy…

…so they will keep certain stuff from – stuff about other guys.

But when a girl brings up a guy in your conversation, then she’s probably testing you to see how you’ll react, testing your insecurities.

Nevertheless, when a girl talks about another guy, don’t do or say anything that will give away your insecurities.

Act like you don’t care and keep it cool.

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Demonstrating self-confidence will increase a girl’s desire for you

If there’s one thing you can do to increase your attractiveness with girls, it’s confidence and being secure in yourself.

A girl is going to pick up on this vibe and will find you more attractive and desirable.

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So there you have it…

…how girls or women test guys’ insecurities.

Always keep in mind that a girl or a woman will often test your insecurities by seeing how you react to situations that would make a guy jealous.

And on the subject of jealousy, don’t be preoccupied with a girl’s day-to-day activities…

…preoccupied wondering where she is, who she’s with, what she’s doing, etc.

This can hurt you. [Read: ‘This Unhealthy Behavior Causes Emotional Anguish – Avoid It’]

I hope this article has given you an insight into how girls behave and think.

Do you find this article helpful? Then share and tell people about it. And comment below and let me know what you think.

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