How Do I Meet Girls?

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Question: How do I meet girls?


First, try going to places where girls are more likely to be.

…like parties, social events, the beach, and other outdoor and social activities that are heavily attended by females.

And even nightclubs – they are packed with lots of girls.

These are sure places to meet girls.

Not only do girls go to these places to have fun, but they also go there to meet other people and socialize.

You can also meet girls through your friends and colleagues

The more social you are, the more girls you will meet through your friends and colleagues.

Hang out with them and tag along if they have something going on.

Hang out with your female friends as well… and give them a good time. They will have female friends that they will try to hook you up with.

You can also try meeting girls through social and dating apps

This is also a great place and a great way to meet girls.

If you’re the shy type, you should give this a try.

So, there you have it…

…how you meet girls.


Meeting girls is the easy part…

…how you get them to be responsive and receptive to you, that’s the important part.

That said…

…to have a girl respond to you favorably, you will need to be desirable.

And it starts with…

…your appearance

How neat you dress and whatnot.

You see, if you’re dressed like a bum and smell bad, no girl will want to be around you.

So before you go out to meet girls, try to always look your best.

Wear simple and nice decent clothes and shoes.


…make sure you don’t have an unsightly nose and ear hair sticking out.

It’s an instant turnoff.

So keep all your nose and ear hair trimmed. Including, eyebrows.

Also, keep your finger and toenails short, clean, and neat. And ensure there’s no dirt underneath your nails.

You will talk to girls, right…

…so make sure that you will be smelling good as well.

You don’t want to emit and hit girls with unpleasant odors.

Unpleasant body odor, most especially foul breath, is a turn-off…

…so make sure that your teeth are clean and your breath is great.

Brush your teeth and scrub your tongue.

Use mouthwash and always carry breath mints with you.

Shave your armpits to reduce foul odors.

Shower before going out – to stay clean and fresh.

Use a good deodorant and put on a nice perfume when you go out. With the perfume, get one that lasts for hours. But don’t overdo it.

And when all is said and done…

…be the one or first to initiate a conversation.

Don’t wait around for girls to approach you…

…be the one to make the first move – gather the courage to walk up to girls and initiate conversations with them. [Read: ‘Fear of Approaching Girls: The Overlooked Cause, And How to Approach a Girl Without Fear’ and ‘Simple Fact about Girls: When You Realize this, Your Success Skyrockets’]

Girls want us to make moves on them…

Girls traditionally take a more passive role when it comes to meeting guys for the first time… waiting to be approached and talked to.

Sure, many girls are comfortable making the first social move with guys…

…and there will be moments or situations a girl will be the first to initiate a conversation with you. You’ll get a girl who will walk up to you and say “Hi” and starts talking. Some girls will even touch you as they pass you at a party…

…but traditionally, we guys are responsible for making the first social moves – approaching girls, initiating conversations with girls, asking girls out on a date.

So when you see girls you like and will want to talk to them and begin a friendship with them, don’t hesitate to approach and have a conversation with them.

So again, there you have it…

…how you meet girls.

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