How Do I Meet a Girl?

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Question: How do I meet a girl?


…you can try any or all of the following ways:

  1. go outside (your neighborhood)
  2. go to places where girls are more likely to be
  3. hang out with your friends – you will meet a girl that you like through them
  4. throw a party
  5. try online dating

I go into detail.

Getting outside

And by this, I mean walking around your neighborhood (or community), visiting the local supermarket, going to your favorite place, and whatnot…

…and striking up a conversation with people, in this case, a girl you meet that you want to befriend, have a relationship with, and whatnot. [Read: ‘The Best Way to Approach a Girl or Woman’ and ‘How to Start a Conversation with a Girl’]

Also read: ‘How to Build Confidence to Approach a Girl

Similar to getting outside is…

…going to places where girls are more likely to be

Like the beach, malls, the park, funfairs, parties, and even nightclubs.

Parties and nightclubs are two great and sure places to meet a single and available girl… plus, the girl you will meet here will be open to meeting someone new – girls go to these places to have fun and to meet guys and socialize.

Think of places in your area where girls hang out heavily… then start going there.

If you’re in college or the university…

…these places are goldmines of young, single women.

Hang out in the library, cafeteria, etc.

Here’s a secret tip:

Participate in outdoor or social activities: Take part in social activities that are heavily attended by females.

The next way you can meet a girl is…

…hanging out with your friends

You can easily meet a girl through your friends.

Hang out with your friends (colleagues from work, coursemates, and whatnot) more often.

This also includes your female friends you don’t have any romantic interest in. They will have friends that they will try to hook you up with.

If you know a friend who has a large circle of friends, spend time with them. They will have a female friend that you will like.

…invite them to outings.

Here’s another secret tip:

When you’re good to your friends, they will invite you to private parties and other similar social events…

…and here, you will meet a girl.

Moving on.

You can also meet a girl by…

…throwing a party

If you have the resources (money) you can throw a party – Valentine’s Day party, a Halloween party, and whatnot – and make girls come to you.

You organize the party and then you invite all your friends and ask them to invite their friends.

…this way you can meet a girl that you can have a relationship with.


Throw a party on Valentine’s Day… here, a girl who is looking for love or romance will show up.

Mingle as much as you can.

So, there you have it…

…how you do and can meet a girl.

Now, when you meet, or find, or see a girl that you like, approach and strike a conversation with her before you lose out. [Read: ‘How to Approach a Girl’ and ‘How to Talk to Girls

Also read: ‘How to Talk to Girls at Parties’ and ‘How to Get a Girl’s Phone Number

You can try dating apps

If you’re dealing with shyness or you want a slow-motion approach to interacting with a new girl, you can try dating apps like the likes of Tinder.

Not only is this a sure place to meet a girl, but you can practice your conversation ability, and your social skills to get some experience before you actually meet a girl one-on-one.

The only drawback here is that the girl you chat with might not be who she says she is…

…a girl you like might be a different person from the person on the profile picture, or ‘he’ can be a scammer.

So, beware when using dating apps and other online resources to meet a girl.

There are genuine girls there, but there are also bad people there too.

When something feels wrong about someone you chat with online, it definitely is. Always trust your intuition when dealing with people.

Moving on…

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