FAQ: How Do I Make My Girlfriend Feel Special?

how do I make my girlfriend feel special

Question: How do I make my girlfriend feel special?


#1. First off, treat her like she is the only woman in the world for you

Don’t make her feel like you DON’T appreciate her.

For instance, when you’re out with her, DON’T be checking out other women.

No girl wants to see his man straying and checking out another woman.

If you check out other women, you’re essentially saying to her she’s NOT special.

So you have to have some self-control here.

#2. Next, make her feel special with your words

Let her know she’s special to you by using statements or phrases like…

“I adore you”

“You’re the best”

“I was thinking about you”. Hint: Girls love it when you think about them.

Also, use words like…




All these may seem like mere words, but it goes a long way to make a girl feel special.

#3. Notice the small details and genuinely compliment her on them

Girls don’t just put on a certain outfit or do their hair nicely by accident…

…they do them to be attractive and more specifically look attractive to you.

So always pay special attention to your girlfriend…

…when you notice that she’s dressed very elegantly or wearing a nice or sexy outfit, compliment her on it.

  • “You look great today.”
  • “I just have to tell you… you look stunning in that dress/outfit.”
  • “Your hair looks amazing.”

#4. Be attentive to her

In simple words, open doors for her and let her go in first.

When you’re getting into a cab, open the door for her.

When you’re getting into a building open the door for her.

At the restaurant or a similar locale, pull out her chair for her.

show appreciation for the things she does for you

Act in a romantic way… and not only is she going to love you for it, but she’s most definitely going to feel special.

#5. Give her unexpected small gifts

Gifts say…

“I was thinking about you”

“You mean a lot to me”


If you’re in a long-term relationship, then you can get her something a little more expensive, like a diamond. Such a gift says to her “I have these feelings for you, and this gift is a symbol for them.”

#6. Give her occasional romance…

…it shows her you value her.

There are several ways to go about giving a girl or a woman occasional romance.

For instance:

  • You can cook a romantic dinner for her. It shows that you cherish and desire her.
  • Remember and Celebrate anniversaries… like her birthday, the day you met, the first day you kissed and whatnot. Do something special for her on these days, like buying her flowers, going on surprise dinner outings, or surprising her with a home-cooked meal, as mentioned earlier.
  • Don’t forget Valentine’s day… this is the perfect time to give your girlfriend romance.

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