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How Do I Know She Is Into Me?

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Question: How do I know she is into me?


If she’s a new girl or a girl you’re meeting for the first time…

  • You will notice her checking you out – constantly staring at you.
  • If you make eye contact with her and she holds your gaze for a while then looks away, this also means she’s into you.
  • If she walks up to you and says “Hi”, or “Hey”, or “Hello”, to try to strike up a conversation with you, that is also another sign or indication she’s into you.
  • If she acts nervous or feels nervous around you – for instance, if she fidgets or plays with an object like her bracelet, or twirls her hair, and whatnot, it means she’s into you.
  • If she asks for your phone number and seems enthusiastic to want to see you again, it also means she’s into you.

In other situations:

  • If a girl compliments you on just about anything.
  • If the girl copies your mannerisms – do exactly what you do, adapt a similar posture to yours, etc.
  • If she constantly leans into you and touches you.
  • If she smiles and laughs at just about anything you say.
  • If a girl is suddenly unfriendly to you – gives you the cold shoulder. This can be as a result of jealousy (seeing you with another girl) or if she thinks that you led her on.

When you’ve known each other for a while:

  • If she calls or texts you often to want to talk or chat.
  • If she always wants to hang out with you. (Note: This can mean she likes you and only likes to hang out with you. So, you should only conclude that a girl is interested in you when you notice other signs from her.)
  • If she hangs out with you for hours – not wanting to leave your side.
  • If she is nicely dressed and smells nice and is not planning to go anywhere but to only hang out with you. This is to impress you.
  • If she’s touchy-feely with you.
  • If she willingly offers to do chores for you or is eager to do things with you.
  • If she gives you gifts.
  • If she hints that she’s single when you don’t even ask her.

The following are big indicators that should let you know a girl is into you:

  • If she often dresses in a way that excites you – for instance, if she wears a see-through or revealing top or wears a top that makes her b.o.o.b.s outrageously visible… this is intentional to arouse you in the hopes of making a move on her.
  • If she often alludes to the both of you being in a relationship (assuming) – going on dates, marrying, having kids, and whatnot.
  • If she often makes allusive and suggestive remarks.
  • If she stares at you seductively – gaze into your eyes and hold your gaze without saying anything.
  • If she ‘deliberately’ sits or poses in a way that draws your attention to her camel-toe… most girls do this to encourage us to make a move on them.

Now, you can also know a girl is into you if you can successfully do the following:

  • hold and lock hands with her without her letting go.
  • and, if you kiss her or try to kiss her and she’s receptive to it.

So, there you have it…

…how you know a girl is into you.

Moving on…

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