How Do I Keep a Man?

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Question: How do I keep a man?


Follow these 6 simple rules and steps:

  1. take care of you – your outward attractiveness
  2. stir up good emotional feelings inside him
  3. appreciate and respect him
  4. show appreciation for his efforts
  5. be desirable (this is a powerful way to keep a man)
  6. then, maintain your attractiveness and desirability

Let’s look at the reasons why they can help you keep a man…

(I go into detail about how you can keep a man, and you can read it here: ‘How to Keep a Man’.)

Moving on…

Taking care of you

This is everything from your hairstyle, your skin, to the dresses you wear. And including your scent.

This is the first step and is important in keeping a man.

You see, when a man or your man sees you and you’re looking all messy and have an unpleasant odor, it will cause him to lose interest in you. Not to mention, fall for a woman who is well-groomed and devoid of odors.

So to keep a man, you want to look pretty (dressed-up), with healthy skin, and devoid of foul odors to kindle the man’s desire for you immensely.

Stirring up good emotional feelings inside him

You do this by showing interest in your man’s life.

You talk about the things he wants to talk about and listen to him talk about the things he wants to talk about, sharing his feelings and experiences with you.

You see, we men are emotional people… even if we don’t know it or admit it.

When you listen to us talk about the things we want to talk about, sharing our passions and ideas and feelings and experiences, and you show genuine interest, it stirs up good emotional feelings inside us and we experience an emotional feeling of attraction toward you, and our attraction and desire for you grows substantially.

We feel most valued, and this dramatically increases our attraction for you.

Appreciating and respecting the man

Respect is very important to men.

Every man has a very strong inner desire to be respected by a woman.

When a man feels disrespected, his attraction and desire and attention for you will lower. Most men will withdraw without making it obvious to their woman or verbalizing the fact that he is feeling disrespected.

But when you appreciate and respect a man, when you accept your man as who he is and respect him – even in his strengths and weaknesses – he will shower you with so much love and attention that you won’t be able to handle it.

Showing appreciation for his efforts

Be grateful (show appreciation) for the things or the nice things your man does for you.

For instance, when he pays for dinner or buys you a gift and even cooks for you…

…say, “thank you”.

“Thank you for dinner.”

“Thank you for the present, I really appreciate it.”

“Thank you for cooking dinner for me. It was so good!”

This will make him feel good and he will want to do more nice things for you, and consequently keeps the relationship going for the long haul.

Being desirable

This is when you make your man want, desire, and need you.

The first, is to look hot – your appearance – and I’ve already mentioned that.

Now, another way… heck, the powerful way to be desirable is to occasionally cook nice and delicious meals for the man.

As I said, this is a powerful way to keep a man, and it can outweigh any flaws in physical appearance.

This will make him fall so in love with you that he will want to marry you. It will turn you into the ultimate dream person he will want to marry someday, provided you’re not already.

Trust me, cooking a great meal for a man will make him feel a strong inner need to be with you.

By fusing the other steps mentioned in this article, you will be a man’s ‘good’ choice, his one… and you will sustain the relationship effortlessly and flawlessly to the point where he will literally worship you and will never think about leaving you.


Maintaining your attractiveness and desirability

If you want to keep a man…

…then never stop being attractive and desirable – don’t get lazy and take things for granted.

If you want to keep a man, maintain the behavior that got you the man in the first place – stay hot, look good.

Keep being attractive and desirable, or else your man will gradually lose interest in you.

The fact that a man is committed (or slips the ring on) doesn’t mean you should relax and stop putting effort into yourself and the relationship…

…because when your attractiveness and desirability drop, so will your man’s attention, attraction, and desire for you.

So there you have it…

…how to keep a man.

I hope this article has given you a deep insight into how to keep a man.

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