Question: How do girls play hard to get?


By acting uninterested, yet flirty and seductive towards us to get our attention and interest.

Now understand this:

Before any girl will play hard to get with a guy, that means she is attracted to him in some way. Because if she isn’t, she will just blow him off.

So if girls are playing hard to get, they won’t verbalize their dislike for you or reject you outright, but they will leave you guessing their interest in you.

You will notice the signals below from girls who play hard to get:

  1. they will be distant and aloof, while still giving you hope
  2. they won’t answer most of your calls… and if they do, it won’t be on the first ring
  3. they won’t reply to your texts in time
  4. they will softly reject your advances
  5. they will exhibit other strange behaviors that give you hope yet leave you guessing

…all in all, they will still be friendly and even flirty and seductive towards you but act unreceptive when you make a move – here, they softly reject your advances.

You can swear she is into you, but she seems distant and aloof.

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