Question: How can you tell if a guy is not interested in you?


When you notice more than half of the signals listed below from the guy:

  1. He never calls or texts you. And when you reach out to him, he either ignores your calls and texts or he replies to your texts with a one-word response. This is a HUGE sign he is not interested in you at all. Yes, a friend or a guy who only sees you as a friend will answer your calls and reply to your texts. But a guy who doesn’t want to pursue a romantic relationship will exhibit this attribute together with others.
  2. He suddenly retreats when you touch him. Indeed, there are some guys who are not touchy-feely with people in general. But guys are gropers when it comes to girls. So if a guy retreats anytime you touch him know that he might not be interested in you. If he exhibits other signals, that should give it away.
  3. He totally and intentionally doesn’t acknowledge your presence. When a guy doesn’t want to have anything to do with you, he will totally ignore you like you don’t exist.
  4. When you begin to hear the “I like you as a friend” or the “let’s just be friends” speech.
  5. He will give you a direct hint he’s not interested in you. This includes talking about the type of girls he wants to date or be in a relationship with and intentionally talking about a girl he has a crush on. When you notice that the guy is always making reference to another girl, which denotes he’s in love with her, that’s a HUGE signal he is not interested in having you as his girlfriend.
  6. He declines hangouts.

The reality

They say we men are created to hunt… meaning we’re supposed to pursue girls relentlessly. So if it’s not happening, then he’s definitely not interested in you romantically.

If you find yourself asking a lot of “Why” type of questions concerning his interest in you:

“why doesn’t he treat me special like he treats other girls?”

“why doesn’t he pay attention to me?”

“why does he pull back his hands when I touch him?”

…he definitely doesn’t have a romantic interest in you.

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