How Can You Tell If a Girl Is Playing Hard to Get?

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Question: How can you tell if a girl is playing hard to get?


Here are 8 signs that should tell you a girl is playing hard to get:

#1. She will softly reject you when you make a move on her

She won’t blow you off or reject you completely…

…she will still be affectionate toward you and will want to hang out with you. And this will make you wonder whether or not she’s playing hard to get or just not interested in you.

Another way you can tell if a girl is playing hard to get is…

…when she’s flirtatious but backs away when you try to get intimate with her (#2.)

Here, a girl will make jokes and/or will be touchy-feely with you…

…but when you try to get intimate with her, she backs away or softly rejects your advances.

#3. She will excite you but softly reject you when you try to get intimate with her

Here, you will have a girl deliberately dress in a way to excite you…

…but acts uninterested or rejects you when you try to get intimate with her.

#4. She will give excuses when you ask her out or hang out with you

Excuses like, she is busy or that she has plans.

Most girls won’t want to say ‘yes’ right away when a guy asks them out… because they won’t want to seem desperate and show their eagerness to spend time with a guy.

Another way you can tell if a girl is playing hard to get is…

…when she gives you an indefinite response when you propose to her

She will be like, “Let me think about it.”

Now get this…

…if a girl doesn’t have any feelings for you, she will reject you outright. But if she softly rejects you or gives an indefinite response to your proposal, that’s a sign she’s playing hard to get.


#6. She will be aloof

This is common with a girl you meet for the first time…

…if a girl faces away or avoids direct eye contact as you talk to her, she’s likely playing hard to get.

You see, if a girl doesn’t like you, she won’t waste her time hanging around.

Another sign that indicates a girl is playing hard to get with you is when…

…she’s ignoring your phone calls or taking forever to respond to your message (#7.)

If a girl is in the habit of not answering your calls or doesn’t respond to your texts or chats right away, she might be playing hard to get.

‘Might’, because she could be busy.

But a girl IS definitely in ‘hard to get’ mode when you notice other signs in addition to this one.

Now understand… if a girl doesn’t respond to your texts or chats at all or she’s taking days to reply to your messages, she’s most definitely not interested in you. [Read: ‘11 Obvious Signs a Girl Is Not Interested in You: An Indication to Move On’]

Now, to the last but not least way you can tell if a girl is playing hard to get.

#8. She will be overt about being hard to get

If a girl talks more about guys who approach her on a daily basis, and guys who have tried to hit on her, and whatnot…

…this is her way of dropping hints she’s not easy to get so raise your game if you want to get her.

So, there you have it…

…how you can tell a girl is playing hard to get.

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