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How Can You Tell If a Girl Is Not Interested in You?

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Question: How can you tell if a girl is not interested in you?


If she’s a girl you meet for the first time…

  1. she will face away and completely avoid direct eye contact with you when you talk to her.
  2. she will give you closed-ended responses or one-word answers to your questions.
  3. she won’t reveal details about herself.

A girl who likes and has feelings for you will be eager to talk to you and share her life with you…

…but when a girl holds back details about herself, and most especially, gives you one-word answers to your questions, that should tell you she’s not interested in you enough to share details about herself.

When you already know each other…

  1. she will decline hangouts and especially a date… in other words, she will blow you off every time you ask her out.
  2. she will never answer your phone calls and will never return them… plus she won’t reply or respond to your texts or chats. This is a HUGE sign a girl is not interested in you at all.
  3. she will give you a direct hint she’s not interested in you… this includes telling you about the kind of guys she’s into.
  4. you will often hear her say things like “I like you as a friend”, “let’s just be friends”, and whatnot.
  5. she might hook you up with her friend… she will know you’re interested in her and she won’t want to lead you on so she will hook you up with one of her friends.
  6. she will reject your advances outright.

So, there you have it…

…how you can tell a girl is not interested in you.

Now understand…

When a girl acts uninterested but affectionate at the same time and even flirts with you, then she’s playing hard to get with you. [Read: ‘Why Girls Play Hard to Get’ and ‘7 Signs That Indicate a Girl Is Playing Hard to Get’]

The truth is girls love it when we guys pursue them.

…they enjoy the thrill of being chased.

Girls enjoy making us guys jump through hoops and go the extra mile to win them over.

So a girl may pretend she’s not interested in you but will just be playing hard to get with you. [Read: ‘What to Do When the Girl You Desire Plays Hard to Get’ and ‘When the Girl You Desire Plays Hard to Get… Should You Pursue Her or Give Up?’]

Moving on…

Now, if you’ve asked a girl out like a thousand times and she still says “no”, or you make a move on a girl and she rejects you outright and acts completely uninterested or even gets upset and walk away, then she’s totally not interested in you or has no romantic feelings for you.

Also, understand…

The fact that a girl is not interested in you does not mean there’s something wrong with you. No!

The truth is, not every girl will be interested in having a romantic relationship with you.

Some girls are not interested in meeting someone new.

Others have no interest in guys – the lesbian.

Some girls are happily in a relationship.

Some might not be interested in your ‘type’.

And of course, if you don’t approach a girl the right way, she will reject you before she even gets to know you. [Read: ‘How to Approach a Girl’ and ‘How to Start a Conversation with a Girl’ and ‘The Best Way to Approach a Girl’]

And Before You Approach a Girl, Read This…

What to do when a girl is not interested in you:

Don’t feel bad when a girl is not interested in you…

If you meet a girl or a girl shows signs she’s not interested in you, move on and find another girl.

You don’t have to waste time on a girl who is not interested in you.

As dating expert Carlos Xuma has written in his book ‘The Dating Black Book’:

“There are more women in the world than you have time to meet… much less waste your time on the ones who are not interested in you.”

“There are hundreds more like her and thousands more that are even better than her. Don’t waste your time!”.

So, there you have it.

For more questions and answers on dating, meeting and approaching girls, getting girls, seducing girls, and whatnot, go here: Frequently Asked Questions.

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