FAQ: How Can I Start a Conversation with My Crush?

Question: How can I start a conversation with my crush?


There are at least 5 different ways…

  1. notice something interesting about him or her to comment on
  2. make a suggestion or comment on what he or she is doing
  3. remark on what’s happening at the present moment, then pull them into a conversation
  4. ask him or her a generic question or ask his or her opinion or perspective on something
  5. be straightforward… “Hi”, “Hello”

I go into detail.

Noticing something interesting about your crush to comment on

Find something interesting about your crush that you can comment on.

For instance, their tattoo, their hairstyle, their shoes, the unique sunglasses he or she has on, or even their scent.

Say something like…

  • “I like your perfume… what is it”
  • “I like your hairstyle… you have a great sense of style.”
  • “Nice hairstyle… did you style it yourself?”
  • “I love your sunglasses… where did get them from?”
  • “That’s a nice/interesting necklace/bracelet/watch/blouse/jacket/purse… my sister/a female friend of mine likes [mention the item] like this. Where did you get it?”
  • “That’s a nice/interesting necklace/bracelet/watch/blouse/jacket/purse… my sister’s/a female friend’s birthday is coming up, and I think she’d like something like this. Where did you get it?”

He/she will respond…

…talk about it for a while then transition to a more engaging conversation. Start by introducing yourself, then ask her what he/she does for a living or where he/she is heading to and whatnot. [Read: ‘How to Talk to People’ and ‘How to Keep a Conversation Going’]

Moving forward… to the second way to start a conversation with your crush.

Making a suggestion or commenting on what he or she is doing

For instance, when you meet your crush at a shopping place and he or she seems to be pondering over his/her choices, make a suggestion, or help her decide on what to buy.

This will result in an engaging conversation and you will find yourself talking for a while.

The third way to start a conversation with your crush…

…remarking on what is happening at the present moment, then pulling him or her into a conversation

For instance, if you’re at an event – musical, fairs, and whatnot – and you will want to strike a conversation with your crush, make a comment about what’s happening or what someone is doing, and then try to pull her into a conversation.

When you’re in a shopping place and you find your crush looking at an item or a product, you can move closer to him or her as if you’re interested in the same thing, then say something like…

  • “Have you ever tried it before?”


Observe your surrounding… and remark about the interesting things, what is out of place, the people, etc.

Make your remarks positive and intriguing, then pull the other person into a conversation.

Next on how to start a conversation with your crush…

…asking them a generic question or asking their opinion or their perspective on something

This is also a good way to start a conversation with a crush… as if you need their opinion on something they can help you with.

  • “Hey, I need an opinion on something…”
  • “What do you think about this wallpaper?”

Supposedly you meet at a shop, you can ask their opinion on something you want to buy:

  • “What do you think about this product/shirt/etc.?”
  • “I’m thinking about buying this painting. What do you think about it?”
  • “Have you tried this new kind of mint gum?”

You can use the excuse that your sister or brother or a friend of yours has a birthday coming up, and you need ideas for what to buy them:

  • “Hey, I’m looking for a perfect gift for my sister/brother/a friend of mine, and I want a male/female perspective on what to buy them… what would you love on your birthday?

Make sure it’s something that will be interesting to your crush…

…talk about it for a while then transition to a more engaging conversation.

Now, the last way to start a conversation with your crush…

Being straightforward

  • “Hi”
  • “Hello”
  • “Hey! How is it going?”

These work best at social venues like parties and other singles events… because people come here to socialize, mingle, and meet new people. And being straightforward saves you and their time, because the moment you walk up to your crush, she will know what’s up.

So, in social events like parties, when you see someone that you like and want to talk to, just walk up to him or her and simply say “Hi!” or something similar then take it from there.

  • “Hi, you seem like a nice person and I wanted to come over and talk to you”.

He or she will smile and say “Hi” back.

If you’re a guy reading this…

…don’t use pick-up lines when you start a conversation with a girl.

Pick-up lines like…


This communicates sexual intent… and it can make your crush blow you off.

This is bad in almost all settings… unless it’s a hook-up situation.

And besides, the only way you can pull this off is when you’re insanely hot.

So, unless you’ve got something going for you such as good looks or fame, you don’t want your crush to instantaneously decide whether she wants to talk to you or not.


Girls aren’t always insulted by pickup lines…

…as long as they aren’t lame or sexualized, it can be kind of flattering.

So, there you have it…

…how you can start a conversation with your crush and have them responsive and receptive to talking to you.

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