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How Can I Make Her Fall in Love with Me?

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Question: How can I make her fall in love with me?


Give her an emotionally fulfilling experience.

If you didn’t know, girls and women are very emotional people… and to make them fall in love with you, you will have to give them an emotionally fulfilling experience.

How do you accomplish this?

First off, don’t be like most guys who try to impress a girl by showing off and bragging about how much money they make, the car they drive, and whatnot. These guys mostly have nothing spectacular to offer the girl or the woman, and they end up driving her into the arms of another guy.

Be different.

Start out by being indifferent to her.

Next, strive to connect with her on an emotional level and give her a good time and make her feel special and wanted while at it. Here, you genuinely take an interest in her life and talk about the things that interest her… and then give her the attention she needs and demonstrate that you understand her.

While at it, you give her an exciting and interesting time. Here, take her out and engage in fun and interesting activities. Take her to different places and engage her in different activities. Do something memorable and fun and maximize the time you spend together.

Finally, make her feel special, loved, and wanted. There’re several ways to go about this, including:

  • genuinely compliment her on her outfit and whatnot (girls and women love flattering)
  • opening doors – car doors, building doors, etc. – for her and letting her go in first
  • cooking a great meal for her
  • giving her unexpected small gifts
  • showing appreciation for the nice things she does for you
  • saying stuff like, “I adore you”, “I was thinking about you earlier today”, and “I like the sound of your voice” to her

When you can give a girl an emotionally fulfilling experience, she’ll insanely fall in love with you… because she will love how she feels when she’s with you.

I go into detail on how you can make a girl or a woman fall in love with you in another post. Read it here: ‘How to Make a Girl or a Woman Fall in Love with You

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