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FAQ: How Can I Get a Girl to Like Me?

Question: How can I get a girl to like me?



…three ways:

  1. your appearance – dress neat and smell nice. You see, when a girl sees or meets you and you’re looking all messy and smelling bad and emitting an unpleasant odor, she’s not going to like you. But when she sees you or meets you and you’re looking your best… she will like you that very instant.
  2. your attitude and mannerism – have a good attitude and behavior. This is everything from your way of thinking, and acting, to how you treat and behave toward other people. And it plays a HUGE role in getting a girl to like you. The better your attitude and mannerism, the more a girl will like you.
  3. how you treat her and make her feel. Make a girl feel loved, valued, and special, and she will LOVE you for it. This is everything from taking a genuine interest in her life, giving her attention, and treating her special, to giving her a good and fun time.

Combine these three, and any girl you meet or interact with will like you.

I go into detail on how you can get a girl to like you in another post. Read it here: “How to Get a Girl to Like You”.

So there you have it…

…how you can get a girl to like you.

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