How Can I Approach A Lady?

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Question: How can I approach a lady?


There’re 3 simple ways to approach a lady…

You can use the current situation or event as a reason to approach her (Option #1)

Here, you get close to her and comment on whatever is happening at the present moment.

For instance, if you see a lady you like at an event like a musical event, or a fair, and whatnot, get close to her then comment on what’s happening or what someone is doing, and then try to pull her into a conversation.

Or when you’re in a shopping mall and you the lady looking at an item or a product, get close to her and act as if you’re interested in the same thing, then say something like…

“That looks like an interesting drink/shampoo… have you ever tried it before?”

Option #2: You can use her situation as a reason to approach her

Here, if something is interesting about her, like her cool shoes, or her cool tattoo, or her awesome phone case, get close to her then comment on it.

Or if she’s doing something fun, you can make a suggestion or contribute an input on it.

For instance, if she’s trying to take a selfie, you suggest she should let you take the photo or jokingly suggest if you can be in the photo.

Option #3: You can simply go to her and ask her a generic question or ask her opinion or her (female) perspective on something

  • “Hey, I want your opinion on something… I’m looking to buy a gift for a female friend of mine. What do you think will make an excellent gift for a girl?”

Asking very real engaging questions is a good way to talk to a girl.

You talk about it for a while then you gradually transition to a more engaging conversation.

Option #4: Be straightforward especially if the setting is a social venue like a bar or a nightclub

Approach her and confidently say “Hi” or “Hey” and start talking.

  • “Hey! You seem bored, what’s the problem?”.

Here’s a fact:

If you’re hot, you can approach a girl anyhow you want and say anything you want and have her respond to you favorably.

Good looks cause girls or women to act naturally receptive and responsive to guys.

Good looks ‘push a button’ and trigger certain feelings inside of a girl or woman.

When a girl or a woman sees a good-looking guy, she feels an instant attraction for him.


…when you meet or see a girl you find attractive and want to have a relationship with, you will want to approach her in a friendly manner… to make her receptive and responsive to you.

So unless you’ve got something going for you such as good looks, you don’t want a girl to blow you off and ruin your chances of having the relationship you set out to have with her.

Now, when all is said and done…

…don’t start your conversation in an ‘overly-polite’ fashion:

  • “Can I buy you a drink?”.

Plus, don’t ask a girl permission to talk to her:

  • “Can I talk to you?”
  • “Do you have time to talk?”

First impression counts. And you want to start a conversation and start it off RIGHT.

Not only will this manner of acting telegraph your interest in a girl and can have the girl act indifferent and make your interaction with her harder than it needs to be, but you come off as seeking approval. And this can raise the girl’s value and power to act in whatever way she wants with you. Not to mention, seeking approval can be a turn-off for most girls.

Asking for permission is seeking approval… and it’s very bad.

It’s like saying “I need your permission before I can act on my desire to talk to you and show you that I’m a man.”

Don’t ask for permission, just start talking. You need to demonstrate dominance from the start.

Telegraph interest in a girl too soon raises her value and her power in the interaction that you’ll be having with her.

When the setting is a social venue like a bar or a nightclub

Girls here are open to meeting new people, but it doesn’t mean a girl will be open to talking to you when you approach her with a come-on.

Even though girls you meet here are looking to have a good time, socialize, and probably hook up, you still have to approach them right.

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So, there you have it…

…how to approach you like.

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