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Wrap Him Around Your Finger

This offer is a step-by-step guide aimed at women who are either dating a man or are committed to one, and who want MORE love and BETTER behavior from him. It’s a step-by-step practical guide to powerfully attracting a man, connecting with him deeply, and inspiring him to give you the affection and adoration you crave.

The program aims to empower women with practical tools and step-by-step advice to ‘reprogram’ their man’s thinking and behavior in the relationship, allowing them to own their power in love, get off the relationship roller coaster, and experience true, life-long love with their dream man.

Wrap Him Around Your Finger is designed to help any woman liberate herself from relationship anxiety and experience a life-long love affair with a man who can’t get enough of her.

Readers will discover dozens of practical, hands-on methods for awakening a man’s desire to chase her, spoil her, and continually EARN her love, including:

  • How to use The Mysterious Mute Method to get a bored boyfriend (or husband) to CHASE her again ... without ever saying a word
  • How to use the Cheeky Smile to stop a man’s bad behavior dead in its tracks (works on anything from flirting with other women to working too much to acting aloof and unloving)
  • How to get whatever behavior you want from a guy (including a marriage proposal, a second date, and whatnot, or simply curing him of ‘annoying behaviors’ like slobbiness around the house or acting distant and disinterested in her) using a secret 8 step method known as ‘emotional flooding’

Packed with top-quality information and backed by solid relationship science and proven behavioral change methodology, and interspersed throughout with funny real-life stories, eye-opening ‘Attraction Facts’, and interactive tools like quizzes, this program is a top seller for all women of all ages who want more love and better behavior from their man.

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