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Foreplay… And The Female Sexual Arousal And Orgasms

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If there’s one thing that girls or women secretly desire and crave when it comes to sex, the one thing that they love more than any other sexual activity, the one magical, pleasure-filled act that makes them cum the hardest…

…it is CUNNILINGUS – having their entire pussy licked and explored eagerly and completely with a WARM, WET TONGUE.

With the help of naked female instructors, learn how to be a master of going down on a girl or woman… and take your oral game to a whole new level of unbelievable ecstasy.

Foreplay is the passionate kissing, stroking, and fondling we engage in for a certain amount of time before we have sex.

Passionately kissing your lover, touching them all over and lavishing their whole body, and even going down on them, is what we call FOREPLAY…

…and it is the most important part of lovemaking.

Foreplay is vitally necessary for women

Foreplay is crucial if one wants to please a girl or woman in bed.

You see, women (or girls) are biologically different from men.

A man can get an erection just from thinking about sex or just by watching the awesome view of his partner’s beautiful breasts… and he’s ready to fuck right away and get off at a moment’s notice.

Heck, a man gets sexually excited and at times gets a full erection just by looking at photos of boobs!

But women are different…

…unlike men, women (or girls) cannot be sexually turned on or become horny within seconds.

For women, arousal is a slower process…

…and they need foreplay to get fully aroused and ready for sex.

Foreplay is vitally important if one wants to please his or her a girl or a woman in bed.

Women need foreplay…

…to get sexually aroused and ready for sex.

And also, to be able to have orgasms.

Foreplay gets a girl or a woman turned on and then intensifies her level of sexual excitement that will allow her to enjoy sex and have an orgasm.

When you passionately kiss and touch a woman all over, dozens of sex hormones are released into her bloodstream, causing her skin to become extra sensitive to sexual stimulations like fondling, kissing, licking, and sucking… her genital area fills with blood and becomes more sensitive and erotic when pleasured, and thus, brings her to orgasm faster.

If a girl or a woman is going to have orgasms during sex, she will need to be very aroused in order to have the orgasms.

Foreplay is the most important part of lovemaking.

How long should one spend on foreplay?

Again, a woman’s arousal is a slower process… and thus kissing for a few minutes and a feeble fondling here and there isn’t enough to get her fully aroused and ready for sex.

A woman needs an amply amount of time of foreplay – preferably 30 minutes – to become fully aroused and ready for sex.

One can always spend even more time on foreplay, more than 30 minutes. Hey! A girl can never get too turned on. Plus, it will only make thrusting better when the man is finally inside of her since she will be so dripping wet down there.

And once she is very turned on (fully aroused), her body and particularly her erogenous zones – areas of her body that gives her pleasure and excitement when fondled, kissed, licked, sucked, or otherwise stimulated – will become much more responsive and she’s going to enjoy the sex and have powerful orgasms.

The more time you spend on foreplay – giving a girl or a woman pleasure – the more sexually aroused she will become and the more pleasure and excitement she’ll have during sex. Plus, the more she will be prepped for intense orgasms.

Prepping a girl or woman properly with sufficient foreplay will not only get her turned on and feel exquisite pleasure during lovemaking… but it will enable her to have deeper and more powerful orgasms.

Women need foreplay to get fully aroused and ready for sex.

Now, here’s an interesting bit

A woman or a girl can have an orgasm during foreplay.


You can give a girl an orgasm during foreplay without any genital stimulation whatsoever.



…when the boobs are pleasured the right way.

Isn’t that awesome.

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Moving on…

Foreplay is also good for men

Men can take advantage of foreplay… especially men who tend to blow their load prematurely.

If a man can’t last long enough during sex like he would want to… all of the fondling and kissing will relax him and make him stay longer in bed.

Rushing through foreplay or skipping it altogether and heading straight to intercourse can cause many men to ejaculate sooner than they would want to…


Because sex is so damn exciting. And many men tend to get overexcited even before sex hits the bed. And when a man has stamina issues, getting overexcited before sex pushes him to the brink of ejaculation ready to tip over upon the slightest penile stimulation.

That said, foreplay can help a man with stamina issues feel relaxed and be able to prolong intercourse.

Now understand…

…foreplay does NOT cure stamina issues a man may be having, but it will hopefully allow him to last a little bit longer during sex.

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Foreplay relaxes a man and makes him stay longer in bed.

So there you have it…

I hope this article has given you an insight into foreplay.

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