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Fear of Approaching Girls: The Overlooked Cause, And How to Approach A Girl Without Fear

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Approaching a girl or a woman for the first time can be daunting to most guys, especially when the girl is very physically attractive.

Here, they look at the girl and think:

“I’m not her type… she’s out of my league.”

“She won’t be interested in me.”

She probably has a boyfriend and won’t want me.”

“What if she says something that makes me feel bad?”

so, they chicken out.

They don’t know how the girl will respond, so they’re scared to walk up to her or talk to her because the outcome might be unfavorable.

Here Is the Real Cause of That Fear of Approaching Girls

It’s the intense desire for the girl.

This sense of “WANT” makes the average guy hesitant to walk up to a girl and talk to her.

He strongly wants that girl… and that makes him nervous.

But Here’s the Fact

Girls WANT us guys to approach them.

You will see lots of girls around town (the available ones) wearing see-through and revealing tops and tight short jeans and pants that show off their camel toe.

Guess what?

They dress that way to excite us just so we will approach them.

They look forward to being approached.

They look to us guys to approach them and talk to them. And very often, they will dress for us so that we will. [Read: ‘3 Crazy Things Girls Do to Get Guys to Approach Them’]

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Every sane girl or woman WANTS a guy to approach her.

Approaching Girls Without Fear

Isn’t it interesting how the girls or women you have no feelings for or you are attracted to are easy to walk up to and talk to, while the ones you’re attracted to and desire become intimidating?

Why is that?

It’s simple!

And as I hinted just now, it’s because you have NO feelings for them. You are NOT attracted to them. So they are, or it’s easier to walk up to them and talk to them.

Understand that every girl and woman is the same, and this will make it easier for you when you see a gorgeous girl wearing a revealing top and in tight short jeans. She is just like any other girl. And one you can talk to without getting punched in the face.

That said…

How to Approach A Girl Without Fear

When you see such a gorgeous girl or woman, and you WANT her, or you want to approach her, approach her with the mindset of just wanting to know her.

That is, initiate a conversation with her without any expectations – have no goals.

Plus, don’t worry about what she thinks of you or what’s going through her head. Or whether or not she likes you.

This does away with any fear and nervousness… and it makes it easy to walk up to a girl and talk to her. [Read: ‘How to Start a Conversation with A Girl’]

Remember, girls want to be approached. They look forward to it. They dress up (to appear appealing and attractive) to be approached. But they don’t want to hit on her – at least not when in public and especially during the daytime when people are watching.

Save any intentions for later and focus on the friendship you’re creating with her. [Read: ‘When You Meet and Approach a Girl for The First Time…’]

When you approach a girl without telegraphing intent, she will be receptive and responsive to you.

And besides, when you approach girls or women with the intent of befriending them, even when you WANT to fuck them, you are in a state of rest – you WON’T feel nervous.

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Do Not Be Afraid to Approach Girls

One of the most basic mistakes we guys or men make when it comes to girls (or women) is that we DO NOT TAKE ACTION.

A girl won’t slap you. Or punch you in the face. Or kick you in the nuts for walking up to her and talking to her.

Again, girls WANT us guys to approach them.

Sure, it might be scary for you, but you will continue to be alone and single until you take action.

Do not think you’re not physically attractive enough. Heck, there are some remarkably unattractive guys out there with insanely gorgeous girls.

“What if the girl has a boyfriend?” you will probably ask yourself in your head…

…but I say to you, what if she doesn’t! And she’s even looking for a boyfriend – someone like you.


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How to Overcome Fear and Shyness

Force yourself to interact with girls or women you encounter in passing – despite the fear.

Remark what’s happening in your presence – “Look at that puppy… isn’t it cute?” – then get back to whatever you’re doing.

Or give a quick compliment as you pass by the girl – “Nice shoes,” “I like your shoes,” or “Nice dress” – then walk away.

There’s no intent here. No expectations. No goals. No obligation. And therefore, no fear of rejection because there’s no chance for rejection.

The more you do this, the easier it gets. And the more comfortable you’ll become talking to girls or women.

You might get scared at first, especially if you’re shy. But the fear will eventually go away.

Before You Approach a Girl, Read This…

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You Are A Man, And You’ve Got to Have Confidence in Yourself.

Believe that you can easily walk up to any girl and talk to her.

And believe that girls will be receptive and responsive to you.

Believe you’re an attractive guy.

Believe girls are going to be into you.

This attitude (confidence) has a powerful effect on your behavior and mannerism or behavioral attributes. Your body language will reek of it, and girls will positively respond to you and thus get what you set out to get – love, romance, relationships – whatever!

But if you believe that girls (or women) won’t feel attracted to you, if you’re saying to yourself, “I’m not her type… she’s out of my league. She won’t be interested in me… a guy like me can get a beautiful girl (or woman) like her”, you’re right.

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So, there you have it.

The real cause of fear of approaching women or girls. And how to approach a girl or a woman without fear.

I hope this article has given you an insight into how to approach a girl without fear.

Do you find it helpful? Then share and tell people about it.

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Have fun approaching girls (or women).

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