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Do Girls Cum Faster Than Guys?

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Question: Do girls cum faster than guys?


…technically, no.

Generally, girls take a lot longer to cum than guys.

Unlike us guys who become sexually aroused very quickly and are ready to cum at a moment’s notice, it takes girls longer to get up to the level of arousal needed to cum.

It takes the average girl upwards of 10 minutes of stimulation in just the right places and in just the right way to cum, whiles it takes the average guy about 3 minutes to cum. Heck, the majority of guys cum within 1 minute during sex.

So, there you have it…

…girls generally don’t cum faster than boys, but rather the opposite.

But understand…

Girls are able to cum just as quickly as guys are (on average in under three minutes).

The female orgasm in itself does not take longer to make happen than the male orgasm.

This is to say, girls take longer to cum because the average guy has no clue how to quickly get a girl aroused to the point of cumming faster. Plus, most guys don’t really know the areas or spots that actually trigger orgasms to get a girl to cum faster during sex.

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