5 Distasteful Behaviors Girls Exhibit That Cause Guys to Lose Interest and Attraction for Them

distasteful behaviors

Ever wondered why a guy you were dating or a guy who had shown interest in you at first completely lost interest in you?

Or probably you were in a platonic relationship with a guy who sort of liked you and gave you a lot of attention, but then all of a sudden he changed?

Now, you are probably wondering if the guy you’re with even likes you at all because it seems as though he doesn’t care for you that much.

Well, there are some distasteful behaviors most girls exhibit that make a guy completely lose interest in them…

…and in this post, I’m going to share some of these behaviors with you.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

The first on the list is…

#1 – Being money-oriented

In other words, focusing solely on money and material possessions.

When a guy really likes you, he wouldn’t mind buying things for you or spending money on you once in a while… after all, the ability for a man to provide for the girl or the woman he’s with is always a factor when dating or in a relationship.

…but if you’re always like, “buy me this”, “buy me that”, “take me here”, the guy will get the impression you’re only with him for his money.

Sure, you may love him, but the fact that you are always asking him to spend on you or buy stuff for you will give him the impression that you’re into him for his money.

distasteful behaviors
A relationship based on two people enjoying each other’s company and personalities is FAR stronger than one based on gifts, money, and favors.

The next distasteful and unattractive behavior is…

…having loose morals (#2)

This is a total turn off for most guys.

Any statement or comment you make that communicates to a guy you’re cheap or an easy ‘chick’ is distasteful.

Here, you’re nonverbally communicating to the guy you’re a slut… and that you throw yourself at every guy you find attractive.

Sure, some guys will be into that…

…but keep in mind, most guys are looking for a good girl to settle down with… so flaunting your promiscuity will ultimately make you unattractive.

Look, why should you even talk about your unrestrained sexual behavior with a guy you desire in the first place…

…it’s unattractive and distasteful, and any serious guy looking to settle down will leave you and find another girl.

Talking of loose morals, this takes us to the next distasteful behavior most girls exhibit.

#3 – Unreservedly telling a guy about your past sexual experiences and affairs

…how your first boyfriend took your virginity and how you guided him to the right hole because he was inexperienced.

Trust me, no serious guy wants to hear that.

distasteful behaviors
The things you say to a guy will go a long way towards building attraction.

Moving on… the next distasteful and unattractive behavior is…

…trying to come across as all-knowing (#4)

A person who gives the impression that he knows or understands everything is not fun to talk to.

Conversations with such people are not enticing and stimulating.

Come on! they know everything… so what have you got to say next?

You talk about a celebrity situation in the news and she knows about it already… meanwhile, the story just came in.

When you’re exhibiting such around a guy you’re looking to get into a romantic relationship, he will go from desire to withdrawal.

Now, to my last distasteful and unattractive behavior.

#5 – Nagging

Well, I guess I need not talk much about this.

You would agree with me that continually complaining or faultfinding is unattractive…

…to both men and women.

Final words

The little unattractive things you do and most especially overlook – thinking it’s not a big deal – is what will cause a guy to lose interest in you quickly.

Most guys screen, or to put it more precisely and informal, study their potential girlfriends to see if she is the right girl for them.

Now, are you exhibiting some of the aforementioned behaviors? Because that could make a guy you desire to lose interest and attraction for you.

If you want to keep a man, make sure you are consistently exhibiting attractive behaviors at all times.

The moment you get a whim your guy’s attraction towards you is dwindling or he is starting to withdraw, evaluate yourself and make the necessary changes, especially with your actions and words.

So there you have it… distasteful behaviors girls exhibit that cause guys to lose interest and attraction for them.

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