A Dating Misconception That Unfortunately Makes Girls Lose Interest in a Guy

dating misconception makes girls lose interest

It’s been said and written by most dating websites that in order to make a girl chase you, you should appear or act totally uninterested in her.

Sure, it makes sense to act uninterested in a girl in order to SOMEWHAT make her find you attractive. But when you act TOTALLY uninterested in a girl or a woman, you risk losing her.

Why is that?

Because, HIDING the fact that you’re se*ually attracted to her or interested in her will give her the impression that you’re not interested in her AT ALL, or worst, she will think you’re gay.

If you don’t show your interest in the girl you desire, how would she notice you?

Keep in mind… an attractive girl will never VERBALISE her interest in you – the guy. They want us to make the first move.

Even when a girl or a woman wants you, she will give you signals that she wants you to make a move. Plus, there are other guys competing for her attention. So if you act uninterested in her, without giving her a REASON to chase you, she will lose interest in you and move on.

The reason this misconception is believed to be effective

Most guys are led to believe that in order to attract a girl, they have to convey to the girl that they’re NOT interested in her.

This is because a girl’s impression of a guy is that when a guy is talking to her, the guy is only interested in one thing – S*X. And thus, if the guy shows no interest in the girl, he will come across as different from other guys and the girl will find him attractive.

It continues…

…the girl will find him attractive not only because he’s not trying to hit on her or “score”, but she can’t use the guy’s need for s*x from her as a tool to control and manipulate him. Therefore, this presents the guy as a total challenge to her, and therefore the girl will have to work hard for his attention.

Again, it makes sense that this technique SOMEWHAT make girls find you attractive.

But the truth is… yes, a girl might find you attractive, but if you don’t show interest in her, she will be thinking:

  • “This guy probably doesn’t find me attractive” (which is a good thing, because then she has to seek your approval)
  • “This guy probably has a serious girlfriend” (here, she loses interest in you and move on)
  • “I don’t want to risk putting myself out there. He has to make the first move” (with this, she has to find a real man who isn’t afraid to take the lead with women and make a move)
  • “Is he gay?” (Oops, she drops you in the friend zone and moves on. And no amount of dinners, gift and favors will make her feel attraction for you)

So again, as I mentioned, when you act TOTALLY uninterested in a girl or a woman, without giving her a REASON to chase you, you risk losing her.

There is a better way…

A better way to go about attracting a girl you desire and making her want you is to express your desire for her, but DON’T do things to seek her approval.

In other words, NONVERBALLY communicate to a girl you find attractive that even though you find her attractive, you’re not going to act like a wussy and DESPERATELY chase her… like most guys do.

As dating expert Bobby Rio has written, “It’s NOT about completely hiding your desire and pretending to be indifferent to her. It’s about expressing your desire for her, but really being indifferent towards the outcome.”

To put it simply… don’t act totally uninterested in a girl you desire. Instead, show interest in her. But if she tries to play “hard to get” because she thinks she’s captured your heart, nonverbally communicate to her you’re not going to act like a wussy and DESPERATELY chase her. [Read what to do when the girl you desire plays hard to get with you]

How to make a girl feel attracted to you and chase you… the proper way

Acting uninterested is ONLY effective when you’re approaching a girl for the first time. Because here, when you approach her in a neutral way or without telegraphing your interest, she drops her defenses and she will be receptive to talking to you.

But as things progress, once you’ve built a rapport with her and you’ve successfully created attraction with her with your attractive personality and communication skills, you have to express your desire for her. [Read how to attract girls]

You express your desire for her by:

  • Flirting with her [Read how to flirt with a girl]
  • Using se*ual innuendos in your conversation with her
  • Seductively gazing into her eyes when talking to her
  • Boldly moving in for a kiss at the opportune moment
  • Etc.

At this point, she might play “hard to get”. Because, of course, she can clearly tell she’s got your interest already. But most importantly, she doesn’t want to come across as ‘easy’.

Nevertheless, nonverbally communicate to her you’re not going to act like a wussy and desperately chase her.

Nonverbally communicate to her you’re not going to put her on a pedestal or seek her approval with money, gifts, or fancy dinners.

In short, nonverbally communicate to her you’re not like the guys she’s used to dealing with, by being a challenge for her and playing “hard to get” yourself. [Read how to play hard to get with a girl]

This gives her a reason to chase you. Because she will be crazily mad over you.

The fact that you find her attractive and are interested in her, but will not WIMPISHLY act like most guys means you’re a good catch and this boosts your chances of getting her. This makes you attractive in her eyes and she will want you more strongly.

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So, to conclude…

…it is not acting UNINTERESTED in a girl that makes her want you. It is rather your interest in her, and most importantly, how you react to her RESPONSE that makes her not only want you… but want you STRONGLY.

Get it!

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