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How to Connect with a Girl or a Woman on a Deep Emotional Level

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“When it comes to dating and romance, a woman’s STRONGEST desire is to be with a man that she feels a strong emotional attraction for… a man that fits her genetic, archetypal lock… the Yang in her Yin.” – David DeAngelo.

Girls and women are emotional people…

…and a key step to having a girl or a woman feel an attraction for you is to connect with her on an emotional level.

Emotional level, in the sense that, have her feel like she clicks with you… and that you two are much alike and have much in common where she can trust you and share her innermost feelings and her life with you.

Now, how do you do this?


…it’s all in the conversation

When you’re having a conversation with a woman, take an interest in her life…

…find out the topics and issues that interest her, stories and issues she finds fascinating, her likes, ambitions, goals, passion, and whatnot.

In short, get to know who she is and what she’s about… then exploit it. In other words, let her interests be your interests and be excited by the things she’s excited by.

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In order to have a woman feel an attraction for you, you need to connect with her on an emotional level.

Women love to talk about themselves…

…so focus your conversations on her.

Start out by asking her questions about herself.

If she’s a new girl you’ve just met, ask her questions like, what she majors in college, the work she does, and her passion and goals (everyone likes to talk about their passion and goals). [Read: ‘How to Start a Conversation with a Girl’ and ‘Things to Talk About with a Girl to Build Emotional Connection and Attraction’]

If you are already friends with her, ask her questions like, how her day went, what’s new in her life, and whatnot.

Allow her to be a little selfish talking about herself revealing details about her life to you.

But don’t let her do all the talking, though… contribute to the conversation by relating to what she says and sharing a commonality or similar experiences. Focus at least 70% of the conversation on her.

Here’s a secret tip…

…when a woman is talking about something with passion, know that it is such an important part of her life. Here, you should encourage her to talk more about it…

  • “Tell me more”
  • “Really! How?”
  • “So what happened?”

…then take interest in it. [Read: ‘How to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl’]

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Let a girl’s interests be your interests and be excited by the things she’s excited by.

Moving on…

You’re going to talk about a whole lot of things… but make sure that they are of interest to the girl and are very inspiring.

This is why you have to find out the topics and issues that interest her so that you can engage her in them.

So always listen attentively to what a girl says and exploit it.

If you find out that she’s interested in arts, talk about it.

Get her to share fun and interesting things that have happened to her… then share yours too.

Encourage her to talk more about what she says and make her feel what she says is of importance and she too is of importance to you.

Again… relate to what she says and share a commonality or similar experiences.

And when all is said and done…

…demonstrate empathy

When a girl or a woman says something of interest, nod your head and respond with something like:

  • “I think I see what you’re saying. You mean that (repeat back to her what she said but in different words.)”

Now understand… NEVER EVER advise a woman (she has her girlfriends for that).

The simple act of listening to a girl pours out her interests and feelings and emotions and demonstrating that you understand her will make her feel comfortable around you enough to talk to you just about anything… and consequently, make her fall in love with you. [Read: ‘How to Make a Girl Fall In Love with You’]

A woman will begin to feel an attraction for you when she thinks you listen to her and understands her and she shares something similar to you and you are both interested in the same things.

The more you connect with a girl or a woman on an emotional level, the more attraction she will feel for you. And the more she will want to be with you.

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A woman will begin to feel an attraction for you when she thinks you listen to her and understands her.

Imagine yourself with a girl right now…

Imagine she shows an interest in your life and your day-to-day activities… taking interest in your work, passion, goals, and whatnot.

She’s got you all happy and lively pouring out your feelings… and to top it she shares a similar experience.

How do you feel?

Enthuse, right?


That’s how a girl or a woman feels when you take an interest in her life and what she says.

Women get emotionally excited when you get them talking about themselves, and what interests them, and then you show empathy.

This gets them emotionally attached to you… and it’s often the difference of whether they will want to get romantically involved with you or not.

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A woman is an emotional person and the man who can connect with her on a deeper emotional level is the one she’ll be attracted to.

To be perceived as an interesting guy, your goal is to avoid all boring conversations

No woman wants to date or wants to be with a guy who can’t engage in a meaningful and inspiring conversation.

Even if she does hang out with you, she won’t feel any emotional connection to you.

Women NEED emotional connection in order to truly want to be in a romantic relationship with a man.

So if you are friends with a girl and you’re NOT getting anywhere with her, this might be why.

It is that important for a guy to be able to engage a woman in an emotionally charged conversation without boring her with stuff she has no interest in…

…and fortunately, this is EASY to do.

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To be perceived as an interesting guy, your goal is to avoid all boring conversations.


Again, women are emotional people… they respond to strong emotions and feelings.

Unlike men who are attracted to a beautiful face and a nice body, attraction for a woman happens unconsciously to how a man makes her feel on an emotional level.

When you can create that emotional feeling of attraction inside a woman, she will want you just because she loves how she feels when she’s with you.

So if you’re looking to get into a romantic relationship with a woman, talk about things or topics that interest her to get her emotionally engaged and excited.

This will make you interesting and attractive.

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