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Confidence: A Quality in Men That Women Find Attractive

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Confidence or Self-Confidence simply is firmly believing in yourself and your abilities.

When you have confidence, it means you live life with a sense of calm and positivity, believing that everything is within your capability.

You have a positive attitude.

You don’t care about unnecessary things, nor do you care about what other people think of you… you live the life you want.

You don’t look at challenges and obstacles as roadblocks… you look at them as something to be overcome.

You do not dwell on mistakes and failures… you embrace them and you continue moving forward. A confident man doesn’t chastise himself for doing something foolish… he learns his mistake, learns a lesson from what he did, and then moves forward.

When it comes to dealing with women

Confidence here means believing in your ability to succeed with women… believing that you can get ANY girl or woman you want.

Confidence is a vital component to have in your dating and seduction repertoire.

In order to get a girl and seduce her effectively, you must demonstrate confidence.

Before You Start Dating, Read This…

Confidence is a vital component to have in your dating and seduction repertoire.

The confident man…

…is not intimidated by women.

He’s not afraid to approach a girl or a woman he finds attractive and would want to get to know or date.

He is not afraid of rejection… he’s not perturbed by the fact that the girl or the woman he’s about to approach could just snub him or reject him outright.

He wants her, and nothing is going to stop him. [Read: ‘9 Of The Top Reasons Why Women Reject Men’]

Even when he strikes out with a woman, he shakes it off and moves on to the next available woman. He doesn’t dwell on his failures and mistakes… he doesn’t criticize himself or put himself down. He moves on.

When the confident man gets a girl…

…he doesn’t need to prove himself to her, nor seek her approval.

That’s to say, he doesn’t brag or show off to get a woman interested in him, he doesn’t buy a woman’s affection and approval with favors and money… because he has a firm belief he can easily get any woman he wants without using trickery.

The confident man interacts with a woman with the belief that the woman is going to have fun being with him and find him interesting. [Read: ‘How to Get a Girl to Like You’ and ‘How to Make a Girl or a Woman Fall in Love with You’]

The confident man is not afraid to touch women and move them around. He’s comfortable with this. [Read: ‘How to Touch a Girl or a Woman for The First Time and Afterward’ and ‘If You Can Do This to a Girl or a Woman without Getting Bitch-Slapped, She’s Ready to Be Kissed’]

A confident man is also secure in himself… not only is he not afraid of other men coming along and stealing his woman, but he’s also not afraid to lose a particular woman. When another man jumps in his game, it doesn’t fluster him a bit.

When all is said and done, when a woman is behaving badly, the confident man doesn’t hesitate to dump her and find someone else. [Read: ‘One of The Best Ways to Attract Women and Have Them Pursue You’ and ‘The Best Dating Tip You Could Ever Get’]

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The confident man doesn’t need to prove himself to a woman nor seek her approval.

When you lack self-confidence…

…first of all, you tend to judge yourself. You feel you’re not good and good-looking enough.

You are always contemplating on failure.

You’re afraid to approach women for fear of rejection. You think you will fail and will be rejected by the woman you so desperately want to talk to, so you chicken out.

You doubt yourself… you don’t believe pretty girls could ever find you attractive so you never bother to pursue them. Instead, you orbit around them hoping they will notice you and talk to you. [Read: ‘How to Get Girls When You Don’t Have the Male-Model Good Looks’]

When you lack self-confidence, every possible worst-case scenario runs through your head…

“What if she doesn’t like me?”

“I’m not good-looking. She’ll reject me.”

You use this as an excuse to keep from trying.

Even when you’ve met a woman…

…you refuse to call and text her because you don’t believe you’re good enough to make her want you.

Always imagining the worst happening. [Read: ‘What to Do When You’re Too Scared to Tell a Girl How You Feel About Her’]

When you lack self-confidence, you doubt yourself and your ability to make a woman want you, so you resort to approval-seeking behaviors… including buying her affection and approval by doing favors for her and spending expensively on her. [Read: ‘Why Women Don’t Find Nice Guys Attractive’ and ‘The First Mistake to Avoid When You Decide to Date a Woman’]

You don’t want to screw up so you look to women to make decisions… you want them to tell you what to do.

When a woman gets upset or acts bratty, you panic and behave apologetically and do whatever she wants… because you don’t want her to get mad at you and leave you. [Read: ‘Why Taking the Risk to Anger a Girl Is the Best Way to Make Her Feel a Strong Attraction for You’]

You also tend to be insecure about yourself and feel jealous of the men you see as more attractive. Here, you might put down guys who are your competition because you’re scared you would lose your woman. [Read: ‘How Girls Test Guys Insecurities’]

Lastly, you’re afraid to make a move on the woman you desire because you don’t want to do anything that may screw things up.

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When you lack self-confidence, you tend to judge yourself.

Women respond to confidence quite well

Women respond very strongly to men with self-confidence.

When a man is self-confident coupled with other desirable personality traits (more specifically, dominance), women are attracted to him on an unconscious level. [Read: ‘How to Tell If a Girl Likes You’ and ‘How to Tell If a Girl Is Interested in You’]

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So there you have it…

I hope this article has given you a deep insight into what it means to have confidence.

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