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The Clitoral Shaft… And The Female Sexual Pleasure And Arousal

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The clitoral shaft, or the shaft of the clitoris, is a part of the clitoris – and a hidden soft little tube-like structure that runs beneath the front commissure.

The clitoral shaft is attached to the clitoral glans (the head of the clitoris), and runs beneath the front commissure, extending toward the mons pubis (the area above the genitals where the pubic hair grows), then forking and dividing like a wishbone into two thin legs that flare downward along the path of the labia minora (inner lips).

See the image below.

front commissure
A hidden clitoral shaft beneath the front commissure.

The clitoral shaft can easily be felt when the woman or the girl is sexually aroused.

During arousal, the erectile tissue in the clitoral body engorges with blood, causing this part of the clitoris to swell.

The Clitoral Shaft And The Female Sexual Pleasure

Even though this part of the clit is hidden underneath the front commissure, it plays an important role in female sexual arousal.

It is rich in sensitive nerve fibers and is extremely sensitive to stimulation.

When a woman (or a girl) becomes sexually aroused via foreplay, the erectile tissue of the clitoral shaft becomes engorged with blood, making it pleasurably sensitive to stimulation during cunnilingus (oral sex).

Particularly, soft pressure on the clitoral shaft – either with a finger, tongue, or sex toy – feels amazing to women and produces extreme pleasure for women, and have them dripping wet in no time.

Stimulation of the clitoral shaft also brings women to orgasm.

Girls (or women) who have an extremely sensitive clitoris or clitoral head to the point where direct stimulation feels painful find stimulation of the clitoral shaft during cunnilingus or masturbation equally pleasurable and can orgasm from it.

And there you have it…

…the clitoral shaft and the female sexual pleasure and arousal.

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So again, there you have it…

…the clitoral shaft and the female sexual pleasure and arousal.

I hope this short article has given you an insight into the clitoral shaft…

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