Question: Can sexual attraction turn into a relationship?


Yes… it can!

And in fact, that is exactly what you need to make a girl or a woman want to be in a relationship with you.

You see, attraction for girls and women is based on how they feel towards a man – emotionally and sexually.

Unlike men who are attracted to a beautiful face and a nice body, attraction for a girl and a woman happens unconsciously to how she feels on an emotional and sexual level.

And evidently, sexual attraction means a girl is sexually attracted to you and thus she feels like having sex with you… and with that, it makes her want to be in a relationship with you.

So yes… sexual attraction can turn into a relationship. And it DOES turn into a relationship when you BOLDLY progress forward by way of flirting with the girl, touching her in an intimate way, and making a move (going for a kiss) at the opportune moment.

If you ask a girl or a woman to be honest about the type of man she wants (to be in a relationship with), she will tell you she wants “a sexual man who will create an opportunity for sex”.

Truth is, it is NOT enough for a girl to simply like you to want to be in a relationship with you… she has to feel a sexual attraction toward you (sexually attracted to you).

So again, sexual attraction can turn into a relationship.

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