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7 Budget-Friendly Ways To Enjoy Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

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Christmas is behind us, meaning the next big holiday is one that is fraught with emotional toil for a large section of the population.

Indeed, Valentine’s Day is coming, making single people once again collectively wonder if the day itself was specifically invented to taunt them.

If you are among these nervous singles, don’t worry: There are plenty of ways to make the most of the day without hurting your budget.

#1. Treat Yourself

If Valentine’s Day is a hard time for you, it’s time to treat yourself to something nice.

Skip the cliche box of chocolates and splurge on something you’ve been wanting for a while, such as a calming essential oil diffuser or a cool piece of tech.

For the latter, you can buy a gadget that benefits your health, like a fitness tracker or smartwatch.

A fitness tracker keeps you up to speed with your activity levels and heart rate, among other areas of your health.

A smartwatch comes with extra features like text messaging and notifications.

If you are tight on money, look for discount options at major retailers like Macy’s.

Rakuten provides 19 ways to save at Macy’s, including taking advantage of their free shipping offer and downloading the Macy’s app for exclusive savings.

#2. Have A Night Out

Call up your single friends for a night out.

This doesn’t have to be a boozy night if you don’t want it to be: Everyone knows the bar scene can get a bit intense on Valentine’s Day.

You can go out for dinner, see a show or a movie, or even just arrange a night in.

This is especially useful if you are a single parent, as Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to get some “me time.”

It’s super easy to find a qualified babysitter online these days, as long as you book well in advance (Valentine’s will be a busy evening for most babysitters). 

Or Do The Opposite (#3.)

Alternatively, if you are single and childless, you could help out your friends who do have kids by offering to babysit.

It can be an evening of playing, watching cartoons, eating pizza, and spending time with someone who isn’t going to care that it’s Valentine’s Day.

Not sure how to entertain a kiddo? has 101 ideas for indoor activities with kids – you’re sure to find something fun for everyone.

#4. Go To A Single’s Event

This isn’t for everyone, but Valentine’s Day single’s events are popping up across the country, giving singles a chance to mingle and meet new people.

Not all of these are dating-themed, which means there isn’t any pressure to meet a new romantic prospect.

It can just be about doing something fun with friendly people who are also unsure about what to do on Couple’s Day.

#5. Switch Off

Valentine’s Day has always been tough on singles, but social media can make it more challenging.

Do yourself a favor and switch off your phone for the evening.

If you know your social media habits can get compulsive, install a desktop blocker like Cold Turkey to keep temptation at bay.

#6. Cook A Nice Meal

Have some fun selecting and creating a delicious menu – whatever your heart’s desire. Then, enjoy it with a friend or just by yourself.

Kitchn has some excellent ideas for meals for two – just divide the recipe in two if you’re eating solo and freeze the leftovers to enjoy later in the week.

#7. Exchange Cards With Your Friends

Remember when Valentine’s Day cards were exchanged at school?

Revive the excitement with lovely handmade cards for your friends.

You can either surprise them or suggest a group-wide exchange so that everyone gets plenty of Valentines.

So there you have it…

…7 budget-friendly ways to enjoy Valentine’s day when you’re single.

Don’t forget that doing nothing is also an option.

Valentine’s Day is romantic and fun when you are in a relationship, but you don’t have to take part.

It’s okay to carry on with your day as normal, watch some TV, go to bed early, and take comfort that you are saving almost $150 the average American spends on Valentine’s gifts every year.

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