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When it comes to sex, girls and women only look at one thing… ORGASMS!

…and if there’s one thing that we guys desire more than anything when it comes to sex, it is to give our lovers powerful orgasms and satisfy them beyond their wildest desires.

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Analingus, also known as anilingus or rimming, is the oral stimulation of the anus – that is, licking (pleasuring) the anus or anal entrance with the tip of the tongue. Including the insertion of the tongue into the anus and moving it in and out.

This feels pleasurable.

Analingus feels extremely pleasurable…

…because the anal entrance is densely packed with erogenous feelings.

There are layers of sensory nerve endings that encircle the anus which produces intensely pleasurable sensations when licked or pleasured.

Analingus feels extremely pleasurable.

One may wanna shower first if one plans to indulge in anilingus

If you’re preparing for analingus, you should take a bath or a shower first so you are both clean and fresh.

Plus, this also helps the receiver alleviate worries of you-know-what.

And a great way to hint Analingus or hint to your lover you plan on going down sex and make your lover receptive to it is to deliberately lather their anal region and insert a wet finger into their anus to clean them up.

When you’re deliberately washing and soaping your partner’s anus, they’ll get the hint.

You see, you don’t want to take your partner by surprise and risk them not wanting it.

No one will be comfortable with another person’s face down their ass knowing very well that they’re not clean down there.

But once you take a bath or a shower together and you deliberately wash their anus, giving them the hint of anal stimulation to come later, they will be well prepared for it and will be open and receptive to it.

When it comes to anal stimulation, it’s important that your partner agrees to it beforehand.

You and your partner should take a shower before any anilingus session so you are both clean and fresh.

You can talk about trying anilingus with your partner

Here, you can jokingly bring the topic up.

They will make their feelings known right away about whether or not they want it or want to give it a try.

Besides, you will want to let your partner know in advance before doing things you’ve never done before.

When it comes to anal stimulation, it’s important that your partner agrees to it beforehand.

Rimming and good hygiene

Sometimes a man may want to combine rimming (analingus) with cunnilingus (oral stimulation of the clitoris and vulva) – moving between licking and sucking both the genitals and the anus… that isn’t safe.

Once you insert your tongue into her anus, it isn’t safe to insert it into her vaginal opening.

The basic hygiene rule for anilingus is not to let anything that touches the anus go on to touch the genitals…

…this way, you prevent the transmission of anal bacteria to the vagina or the urethra.

This includes inserting your finger into the anus… if you’re going to include a finger, make sure the finger you insert into the anus is not the same finger you insert into the vagina or use on the genitals.

Always remember which fingers have gone where.

So there you have it…

…analingus, a.k.a. rimming.

If your lover seems hesitant, don’t pressure them.

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I hope this article has given you an insight into analingus…

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