21 Alpha Male Characteristics That Makes a Man Stand Out

alpha male characteristics

The alpha male, accurately known as the ALPHA MAN, is the kind of man every man wants to be and every woman wants to be with. He exhibits certain qualities that not only makes people treat him with great respect and admiration, but women find him attractive and therefore clamor for his attention. And here in this article, I give you the prominent attributes or alpha male characteristics that distinguish him from other men.

Without further ado, let’s get started… on the characteristics of the alpha male.

The Alpha Male Characteristics

1. He is a man of high status. Not only does he have the mindset that he’s better than anyone, but his actions communicate to women, that he’s the prize… so it is up to them to win his approval.

2. He is a leader. He takes charge and makes the decisions. Instead of allowing his woman to make decisions, he is the one to decide what to do for the night, he picks the restaurant, decides what to do for the weekend, etc. (Understand… women look to men to make decisions for them).

3. He is confident and secure in himself and has high self-esteem. He believes in himself and his abilities to succeed in life and with women. Even when he’s met with failure (especially rejection from women), it doesn’t faze him at all. Instead, he sees it as one step to victory.

4. He is optimistic.

5. He has his sh!t together. He’s effective, organized, and knows what he wants in life and actively pursues it.

6. He doesn’t prove himself to anyone.

7. He is socially powerful. Due to his attractive qualities and leadership skills, he’s got a lot of people drawn to him.

8. He is outgoing. Sociable and at ease talking to others.

9. He is fun and playful… and he makes people feel comfortable around him.

10. He is interesting. Aside from his fun personality, he also talks about fascinating and interesting topics.

11. He nonverbal communicates his dominance by taking up space with his body.

12. He also communicates his dominance by making strong eye contact when talking to people.

13. He touches people when talking to them.

14. He doesn’t feel possessive or jealous over a woman because he isn’t needy.

15. He doesn’t smother women by putting them up on a pedestal. He knows he’s a good catch and irresistible to women.

16. He doesn’t care much about what others think. So he does his own thing and he is passionate about it, and therefore doesn’t seek approval.

17. He does what he pleases in life. He has no time to impress or please anyone. Therefore, if he does something, he does it because he wants to not because someone says so.

18. Yes, he demonstrates his dominance and authority, but he is not bossy. Because like being optimistic, he has the confidence that comes with knowing people will follow him. And it goes without saying, he softly and politely asks people to do what he wants them to do, and it gets done.

19. He is able to stay calm under pressure and walks away when he needs to.

20. He is se*ual

21. He takes a risk with women. He makes his move and he’s not afraid of rejection.

So there you have it – 21 alpha male characteristics that make him stand out and get women clamoring for his attention.

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