What to Do When the Girl You Desire Plays Hard-To-Get

hard to get

Okay, you met a girl you really like, and you expressed your desire for her. But instead of the girl being receptive to your advances, she seems rather aloof.

You’ve kissed on several occasions and even went as far as to third base. But you don’t know what went wrong… now she seems uninterested.

…SURELY, she is playing hard to get.

You probably have the traits and qualities women crave in a man, yet she’s playing hard to get with you.

Now, what is a guy to do?

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What the average guy does

When a girl plays hard to get, most guys would give her exactly what she wants – the chase.

The average guy will desperately pursue her even more. Acting needy and expressing his feelings to the girl.

In order to convince the girl that he’s worthy of her, he does everything the girl wants, and gives her whatever she asks for. Including constantly spending more money on her to seek her approval. And doing things to impress her as often as he can. Plus, he is afraid to upset the girl and is always apologetic in order not to offend her.

On the whole, he UNKNOWINGLY gives away his power because he’s afraid he will lose the girl if he doesn’t cave to her demands.

This gives the girl ultimate control over the guy, because she knows she wields the power and can easily manipulate the guy. Now the girl even goes into “HARDER to get” mode.

To stand out and separate yourself from these types of guys and keep your manly dignity intact… don’t do any of the above.

What to do when a girl or a woman plays hard to get

Be different…

…act contrary to her expectations.

She will be expecting you to pursue her, but NEVER give her what she wants. And most importantly, act as if you don’t need her and use her own game back at her… that is, play hard to get too, but in a SUBTLE manner. [Read how to play hard to get with a girl]

This will make her regret playing hard to get with you in the first place, make her view you as a real man and make her feel a stronger attraction for you.

Let’s get to it… the process

When a woman or a girl plays hard to get with you…

…withdraw and act as if you don’t need her.

Nonverbally communicate to her you have a lot of options and therefore you’re not going to pursue her. Heck if she rejects you, you’re going to find another awesome girl to replace her.

Remember, she’s playing hard to get because she knows she has your interest already. So let her know that… yes you find her attractive and yes you’ve shown interest in her, but you’re not going to DESPERATELY pursue her.

Next, you get out and live your life. Engage in outdoor activities you enjoy and have fun.

Hang out with your friends, enjoy your hobbies, go to places GIRLS are and meet a few…

In fact, start dating again if you want to.

Because here, you want to give her the impression that you’re not sitting around thinking about her. And not only will this help overcome the torture of HAVING her, but she will be afraid of losing you to another girl and thus, will work hard for your attention. [Read a powerful way to build attraction with a girl you have a crush on]

Understand this: Don’t totally ignore a girl or a woman who plays hard to get with you. Talk like nothing has change between the two of you. Only now you withdraw and act as if you don’t need her. And subtly play hard to get with her.

If a girl isn’t interested in you, you can’t make her… Move on.

Her reasons, your goal, the end results… and afterwards

Keep in mind, it’s not like she’s not interested in you or anything. She’s only making you chase her and work hard for her approval. And thus, if you give her what she wants – the chase – you give away your power.

So, in addition to not desperately pursuing her, play hard to get yourself. Because when all is said and done, when a girl or a woman plays hard to get with you, you’d want to give her the impression that her action doesn’t trouble you ONE BIT. Convey to her that even when she isn’t interested in you, you have options in life other than DESPERATELY pursue her.

If you never give a woman exactly what she wants, plus you play hard to get yourself, you separate yourself from other guys and stand out in an attractive way, and she will become even more attracted to you.

And now, if you successfully use her own game back at her, and you can tell the tables have turn, and she’s now working hard to win YOUR approval, take things further. Don’t accept her just yet… keep up the challenge a little bit and make her want you so bad.

So that’s what to do when a girl or a woman plays hard to get.

What makes a girl go into “hard to get” mode in the first place

An attractive girl is used to guys desperately pursuing her. These guys act needy and desperate, and wimpishly do things to seek her approval. But this unfortunately makes the girl go into “hard to get” mode.

Below are some common reasons why girls play hard to get:

  1. Doing her favors
  2. Buying her things or spending money on her to win her affection
  3. Texting and calling her on phone 24/7
  4. Expressing your interest in her too early in the relationship
  5. Being too available and hastily answering the phone every time she called
  6. Being agreeable to whatever she says or suggests
  7. Acting insecure and all nervous when she’s around
  8. Not taking the lead with her and letting her make decisions
  9. Being to her beck and call and doing whatever she says
  10. Other wussy behaviours not mentioned in this article

In short, when you’re obsessed over a girl, you give her the control and power over you. And thus, puts her into “hard to get” mode.

Girls will play hard to get when you treat them overly nice


A girl will play hard to get with you when she realizes you’re INTERESTED IN HER. But if you don’t chase her like most guys do and act as if you don’t need her, you send a powerful message about how valuable you are.

Now, provided you have attractive qualities that she can’t resist, in addition to NOT giving her what she wants, she will feel more attracted to you and will be the one chasing you instead. [Read personality traits girls find attractive in a guy].

To conclude…

…when the girl you desire plays hard to get, don’t desperately pursue her expressing your feelings and all that. But instead act as if you don’t need her and use her own game back at her – SUBTLY play hard to get yourself.

So, there you have it – what to do when a girl or a woman plays hard to get.

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