3 Simple Ways to Create Attraction with Women

how to create attraction with women

About 90% of men in the world don’t know this simple fact when it comes to women. And because they don’t know it, they have no hope in attracting women.

Are you part of that elite 10% of men in the world who are “naturals” when it comes to attracting women? Or are you on the path to failure?

Don’t worry. This article explains how some of the men naturally create attraction with women, and how you can uncover their secrets to do the same.

How to Attract Women Naturally

1. Don’t act too needy or desperate

First lesson: never put a woman on pedestal.

Women are attracted to men who don’t need them.

They want us (men) to be interested, but not needy.

Girls are used to guys always hitting on them. So in order to attract women, you have to act differently than the other guys.

You have to project an “I don’t care” personality.

Act like you’re not interested – like you don’t need her even though she’s so beautiful.

Don’t be desperate to get her to be your girlfriend. She has to work for it, too.

When a woman notice that you’re giving too much attention to her or acting in a needy manner, it tells her you’re desperate and it puts her in a position to manipulate you.

As a man, you have to let her know you have options, self-respect and you’re not needy.

Let her know you have a lot going on and you can get another woman whenever you want.

Don’t be ready to please her.

Don’t be readily available whenever she calls.

Don’t make the mistake of doing only the things she wants.

And you don’t have to tolerate or agree with everything she says.

This displays a confident attitude and makes her want to be with you even more.

Displaying the neediness attitude makes you look weak, and submissive – all behavior women find boring and unattractive.

2. Keep them guessing

Next tip to creating an attraction with women is to make them curious to know who you really are.

Don’t tell them everything about yourself upfront. Let some few things about you remain undisclosed.

This will make them curious to know who you really are, and they’ll use mystery to find out about you when you’re not around.

3. Social proof

This is basically demonstrating to the woman you’re interested in, that other women already find you valuable and they want to spend time with you. Or some woman might get a hold of you first if she doesn’t.

Here, you build large social circles that include lots of women.

They can be close female friends or casual acquaintances.

This is going to help you create an attraction with women.

Jealousy is indeed a very strong attraction builder, and since women want what they can’t have, having lots of female friends around you will increase her desire to have you.

Attracting women is just a small part of the over-all game

At this point, you know the three most important ways to create an attraction with a woman.

You know you don’t need to act needy or desperate. And you know you need to make them curious to know who you really are.

Plus you also need to build a large social circle with lots of female friends and acquaintances.

So now, how can you easily demonstrate the above three strategies?

Simple, all you have to do is to be a great storyteller.

Regaling the woman you’re really interested in with a good story will not only keeping the conversation going, but it will also help you create a connection with them, and consequently, they will find you attractive.

What you need to bear in mind is, you need to communicate the right kind of stories, or stories that indirectly communicate to the woman what we discussed above – non-neediness, social proof and something that arouses their curiosity.

For instance, a story that communicate you’re not desperate or needy, will be a situation where you turn a woman down for s** or you deciding not to pursue a relationship with a woman who was interested in you.

A story to keep her guessing will go like this: mention something about yourself that will surprise her. For instance, briefly say something to arouse her curiosity.

To communicate social proof, mention some of your female friends and acquaintances in your story.

Again, this will indirectly communicate to women that other women find you interesting and worth spending time with. And these women can ‘get a hold of you’ at any time.

This story of social proof alone will get her to like you, and she will see you as an authority in her world.

These stories can either be made up stories or true stories from your real life.

Storytelling gives you the ability to influence women and capture their imaginations. And consequently lead them to doing anything you want.

Hint: make up stories should be in such a way that it shouldn’t really focus on you, but it should be valuable and in a respectful manner.


This is all I will leave you with.

If you want women to get attracted to you and do what you desire them to do, you have to follow the above tips.

Put them into action and give yourself the wonderful opportunity to get women interested in you.

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