Top Quotes on Dating from Top Dating Experts

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“Women are used to being approached, flirted with, and picked up on in general by men. Even women who are what you might call ‘average’ are approached by men on a pretty regular basis. So when you’re about to approach a woman, keep in mind that it’s not like you’re going to try something that she’s never heard of before and shock her.” – David DeAngelo.

“If a woman can have anything she wants anytime she wants it, then why the hell do guys think that they’re going to be interesting by doing the same thing that every other guy has done?” – David DeAngelo.

“Most of us were raised by our parents to be ‘good boys’ and treat others well (which, overall, is still good advice), but to attract a girl, sometimes you have to be a little mean. You have to push her away, only to pull her in at your own leisure. In short, you’re making her chase you, and that’s always a good position to be in.” – Steve Scott.

“Here’s a common problem: A man tries to impress a woman by doing things that show that he’s a good LONGTERM RELATIONSHIP kind of guy, but the woman responds by being stand-offish.” – David DeAngelo

“It’s far better to attract a woman than to chase one. If a woman is attracted to you, half the game is over.” – David DeAngelo.

“I think that humans have a peculiar quirk: Once a person gets what they want, they stop wanting it. Another variation: Once a woman knows that you are really into her, she stops being as interested in you.” – David DeAngelo

“If you want to attract a girl, you have to find some way of intriguing her. You cannot simply walk up to a girl, introduce yourself, and expect her to fall head-over-heels for you.” – Steve Scott.

“The ‘Yes Man’ isn’t attractive to women. He’s the guy who agrees with everything a girl says. Secretly he has an opinion, but is afraid to voice it. That’s because he’s afraid that women won’t like him if he is disagreeable” – Steve Scott.

“When you’re with a woman, keep yourself focused outwardly and just think about the conversation at hand. This will cause you to feel relaxed and therefore more attractive to her because you’re projecting confidence” – John Alexander

“If you’re always trying to say the correct thing to a woman, then you’re trying too hard for her approval.” – John Alexander.

“Women have a keen sense for when a man has an agenda. If you have a specific goal of getting la!d, you will give off vibes of neediness. This makes you look lame. So forget about what might or might not happen at the end of the date.” – John Alexander

“Most guys screw up when a woman acts bratty… or when a woman gets upset, they say, ‘Oh, I’m sorry’ and mess it up. Or they act nervous, etc. You have to stay in control. If a woman starts getting angry, instead of getting nervous say, ‘Oh, poor baby is throwing a tantrum… So what. You’ve been doing the same thing since you were 2, and you didn’t get your way.” – David DeAngelo.

“The quickest and easiest way to kill any attraction a woman may be starting to feel for you is to feel insecure about yourself, or to be needy, or to seek approval. When you have the mindset of being desperate to please, you end up coming on too strong, too early. You become clingy. It’s like you’re begging.” – John Alexander

“Different women respond to different looks, personalities, etc. One woman might only like men who dress in suits and ties, while another might only like women who dress like bad boy rockers. Whatever style you develop, DON’T CHANGE IT JUST BECAUSE SOME WOMEN DON’T LIKE IT.” – David DeAngelo.

“You don’t have to try and impress people by making things how they want it. By catering to the wishes of others, you come off as weak and will receive nothing for your efforts other than disrespect” – Joseph Matthews.

“Engaging in logical conversation and trying to impress a woman with your smarts and earning potential is a mistake that 99% of guys make. It kills a woman’s attraction for you because it communicates neediness and low value.” – John Alexander

“You impress a woman with your restraint and how you make her feel, not by your accomplishments” – Carlos Xuma

“Don’t listen to what women say when they talk about the kind of men they like; instead watch their behavior and look at the kinds of men they actually go for.” – John Alexander

“Your eyes are the number one nonverbal cue that tells people you’re an alpha male. A dominant man is not afraid to gaze directly at people. By averting your gaze, you communicate submissiveness. When you look down, you communicate self-consciousness, shame, and a sense of low status.” – John Alexander

“In your journey to master the art of dating, you will meet with failure, rejection, and setbacks. But if you are willing to focus on the positives and not the negatives, you will continue to grow and get better and meeting and attracting women.” – Joseph Matthews.

“The only way to get rid of the fear is to do what you need to do—i.e., approach women—despite the fear. You have to push through.” – John Alexander

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