This Absurd But Proven Tactic Makes Any Girl Want You So Bad

how to make any girl want you

This article teaches you how to make any girl want you so bad. You will discover a simple ‘behavioural adjustment’ that makes any girl or woman clamour for your attention.

As you’ve been influenced by society and movies that you should buy a girl a drink to get her to talk to you. Or when you meet women, compliment them on their looks and clothing to get them to like you.

But do these acts get the girl to fall head over heels for you? Does this really make girls want you?

No… it will rather repel them.

So, how do you get a girl to want you? How do you get girls to be the ones buying you drinks and telling you how cute your smile is?

Read on to find out.

How girls’ everyday life is like

The average girl has been approached more times than you’ve had breakfast. And she has probably heard every pick-up line that’s out there.

Now, when you approach a girl you like, she instinctively knows you’re attracted to her. (That’s why you approached her in the first place.)

She knows when a guy is trying to hit on her. And when you make that obvious, she naturally rejects you.

It is for this reason why most women seem unfriendly when you approach them…

…because your body language and demeanour telegraphs your intentions.

An attractive woman instinctively knows a man is interested in her if he approaches her.

Using cheesy pick-up lines: “Wow, you’re very pretty… I bet you were sent from above”, puts her on her guard, because she knows what you want before you say it.

Offering to buy her a drink: “Hello… may I buy you a drink?”, gives her the upper hand. Because she knows you’re weak and desperate, and seeking her approval.

Even though, such approaches might work in some situations, where she wants to mingle. It’s NOT the best way to approach a woman, neither is it the best way to get a girl to like you. (It doesn’t work in ALL situations)

Now, we know how women or girls think when a guy approaches them with a cheesy pick-up line…

…so how do you get past their defences?

How do you make a woman receptive to talking to you? How do you make a woman or girl want you?

That’s exactly what I teach in this article…

How to make any girl want you so bad

So, how do you get a woman to want you so bad?


…act disinterested when you approach her for the first time. Then afterwards, catch her interest with your attractive personality.

Sure, she is the gorgeous girl you’ve ever seen. But don’t let her know you desperately want her, especially at the early stages.

Instead of showering her with compliments and buying her drinks to seek her approval, do none of that…

…rather, act as if you’re not interested in her. That’s how to make any girl want you.

Yes… this is absurd, but it sure gets girls to want you so bad. Especially, if you can exhibit attractive personality traits. [Read the personality traits women find most attractive in a guy]

Of course, you want to let her know you’re interested in her, so that she also acts same in return.

But again, telegraphing your intentions early on gives her the upper hand. And to quote dating expert, Joseph Matthews: “Any sign of interest early on will make your seduction down the road harder than it needs to be, because it raises the girl’s value and her power in the interaction you’ll be having with her.”

But that’s not all… really getting a girl to want you

As you’re pretending you’re not interested in her, also demonstrate traits women find attractive in a guy (what girls like in a guy).

For instance:

  • Demonstrate high status.
  • Demonstrate confidence.
  • Tell great stories that stirs up her emotions and feelings.
  • Demonstrate humor, including giving her a nickname and playfully teasing her.
  • Demonstrate that you have standards and you don’t settle for anything less.
  • Build rapport with her.
  • Demonstrate that you have a fun and interest life. (Don’t go bragging about your tour to Brazil and the cruise to Mexico. Instead make it known in passing.)
  • Engage her in an exciting conversation and connect with her on an emotional level. [Read how to talk to a girl]

That’s how to attract girls or make women want you.

It sets you apart from other guys who approach her

When the average guy (Mr. Nice Guy) approaches an attractive girl, he’s always transparent with his interest.

He compliments her excessively… buys her drinks… put her up on a pedestal. In fact, he does things to please the girl so that she likes him.

But, this directly communicates to the girl that he’s weak and desperate.

It’s not a bad thing to do nice things for the girl you like. But it’s ONLY bad when you do them at the early stage of meeting her.

She can easily manipulate you.

During your initial approach, she might suspect that you want something from her. But when you pretend you’re not interested in her, it turns the tables and make her want you more.

Because here, you stand out. And these attitude and mannerisms make any girl want you almost instantly.

You’re demonstrating to her you are not like the other guys who approach her and bows to her every need.

You’re demonstrating to her you are different. And if she needs any flattering whatsoever, she has to be the one to prove herself to you.

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Now, what’s the psychology behind this

It is believed that women appreciate something more if it is easy to lose. And they will work harder to keep it.

Seriously… you are everything she wants in a guy.

You’re funny, high status, a confident guy… you have a lot going on in your life.

You’re an attractive guy (and I’m not talking about your looks).

She’s also pretty. But you’re not showing any signs of interest. You seem hard to get.

She suspects you’re interested in her, but not quite sure if truly you’re interested in her.

So as you’re pretending you’re not interested in a girl, yet demonstrating the personality traits to win a girl over, you’re also causing disturbing feelings within her to make her want you badly.

And as the saying goes, “people tend to want what they can’t have”.

So again, this is how to make any girl want you and clamour for your attention… play hard to get.

Women appreciate something more if it is easy to lose. And will work harder to keep it.

Conclusion: How to make a girl want you so bad

Let’s recap how to make any girl want you so bad.

Act as if you’re not interested in a girl when you approach her for the first time. But display the personality traits that makes men attractive to women.

This will help you get any girl you want attracted to you.

So make sure you are not showing any sign of interests.

For example:

  • Try not to compliment her at all.
  • Don’t offer to buy her a drink, or try to impress her.
  • If she seems unwelcoming, such as giving you one-word responses or the cold shoulder, say something like, “It’s nice to meet you”, then LEAVE. Either she’ll stop you, or come find you later.
  • Talk to other women.
  • Flirt with other girls around. [Read how to flirt with girls]
  • Don’t care about what she thinks or says.
  • Don’t bow to her need.

By demonstrating the above mannerisms on your approach or conversation with a woman, you are telling her you are not trying to hit on her.

So there you have it – how to make any girl want you so bad.

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