How to Be Social: Simple Ways to Interact With Others

how to be social

Now, before we get to the specifics on how to be social and make friends, let’s first talk about some few interpersonal skills you have to possess to expand your social life.

1. Have a good attitude

A good attitude is vital when it comes to meeting people and getting them to like you. Greet the people you meet or say hi to them. Ask their name.

Always be nice and polite to others; don’t be rude or bitter. Smile, and others will do the same. It’s contagious; if you smile at others and they smile back at you, it means they’re having a good time and it raises the energy level of an interaction.

Pay attention to people and look them in the eye when talking to them. Don’t be looking around.

2. Looks and hygiene

By looks, I don’t mean you should be good-looking. If you’re trying to be social, you need to take into account your personal hygiene.

Dress neatly and smell nice at all times. Shower, use a good deodorant, brush your teeth at least twice daily, comb or brush your hair, and wear decent clothes.

You want to meet people and get them to hang around with you, so you need to project the right image.

3. Be a good conversationalist

Being a good conversationalist is very important when you want to be able to chat people up.

Switch topics from time to time when you notice the conversation is running its course. Read my post on how to keep a conversation going to have wealth of things to talk about.

For instance, don’t dwell on boring topics. Don’t talk about politics or religion (except you know that person better).

Talk about things that are funny, interesting, or exciting to both of you. Ask questions, and find out the interesting things about the person you’re talking to.

4. Be confident

This attribute is very important. And you can read my post on how to be confident in detail.

You need to master the courage to meet people or mingle if you want to have a healthy social life. You must stay positive and avoid negativity. This is going to take some persistence and practice on your side, but eventually you can do it. Just live your life believing that everything is within your capability.

5. Work hard

If you want to keep the social interaction you have with others going, you have to be willing to do some work on your part.

This means you have to willing to meet with new people, keep in touch with them via phone, email, or text messaging, go to events when invited, chat with strangers, speak up in a group. Plus, you have to be able to face rejection and awkward moments.

But if you’re unwilling to do all that work, then nothing good is ever going to happen.

Tips for an Active Social Life

Now that we’ve covered the basics of being social, let’s go into the specifics

Adopt a positive mental outlook. Have a positive mindset that each person you meet likes you and wants to be your friend, and see yourself happy around them. Banish negative, self-defeating thoughts. This is an extremely powerful mental technique and will draw people towards you.

Keep in touch. Communication is vital in every healthy relationship. Don’t wait around for your friends to call you. Call them up or text-message them. Always keep in touch to keep the lines of communication open. Otherwise, you’ll soon be forgotten about.

Be a hub of information. Be up-to-date with the fun events taking place, like upcoming parties or gatherings. Be interested in your friends activities and schedules. Give them a call or text them to find out what’s up. This will not only help you know which friend to hang out with, but they’ll also call or text you to find out what’s going on as well.

Invite your friends out. Most people just wait around for their friends to call them. And there’s no shame when you’re the person who calls. Call your friends to see if they want to hang out with you, especially if you have something planned for the weekend or night.

Invite yourself. If your friend has something going on and you would like to spend time with them, ask them if you can hang out with them. You would be surprise to know that they will be willing to hang out with you too. This isn’t rude, you just have to ask. After all, if a friend enjoys spending time with you, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Don’t be picky. Don’t be selective when it comes to hanging out with your friends. Agree to spend time with anyone. There are some times when you’ll feel like you just want to be selective about who to hang out with. It’s natural, but you just have to resist that. You never know who might surprise you.

Don’t stick with just a few. When it comes to having a good social life, you need to have choices – a lot of friends you can hang out with instead of hanging out with just a few and appearing desperate for companionship. Some people like to have their space. And at times you need to distant yourself for a little while to keep a friendship going.

Never turn down an invitation. If a friend invites you to do join him or do something together, never show unwillingness towards it. Unless maybe you have other priorities or commitments that prevents you from going. For instance if they invite you out with them, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other people in their social circle.

Introduce your friends. The best social gathering is the one with lots of people. When you take the first step to introduce your friends to each other, it’s going to strengthen your social circle and make you meet more people. This is because when you introduce your friends, they will want to introduce their friends to you too.