How To Be A Real FRIEND?

How To Be A Real FRIEND?

While some people often refer to numerous people as their friends, the reality is often that the vast majority of these, are merely acquaintances, contacts, or some other form of friendly relationship. Being a true friend necessitates discipline, commitment, often-hard work, and consistently being dependable, reliable and there for others, rather than merely being friendly when it serves your inner purpose, needs or desires. It would be helpful to most, if they could differentiate between those that truly were their FRIEND, as opposed to those who simply, either said they were, or behaved a certain way when it served some agenda or gave them an advantage. Therefore, let’s examine this concept, from an easy to remember, mnemonic perspective.

1. Face facts; do a real favor: True friends do not merely tell you what they think you want to hear, but rather state what they deeply feel you need to know, and/ or be advised of! It rarely serves anyone’s long-term advantage to go through life in a delusional manner, but rather it is important to adapt and become better, so you can face the real facts, and do so in a continuously evolving and improving way! It means they must be there for you when you need someone, without being asked. Beware of those who use the quality rhetoric, but whose walk never equals their talk!

2. Reach out; relate: Friendship means reaching out to help someone and being there consistently, and without hesitation! It means helping and caring, both in bad times as well as in good ones! Our real friends are those who think about you, and rather than being judgmental, proceed with empathy and relate to you, from your perspective.

3. Initiate actions; know intentions: Nothing truly meaningful happens merely by saying something, nor does it generally help to take a wait-and-see, approach (although there is sometime a somewhat fine line between rushing to judgment, being careful, and procrastination). Be a real friend by letting someone know you are there for them, and prove that you can consistently be counted on!

4. Proceed with energy; endear yourself by your actions; seek best effects: Don’t merely go through the motions, but help someone else by also energizing them to feel better about themselves! Be yourself, and recognize that long-lasting endearment only comes from your consistent actions! Don’t settle for good-enough.

5. Serve their needs: Friendship begins with serving the needs of someone else, and helping them, help themselves, by doing all you can to improve, enhance and assist their lifestyles.

6. Deliver on promises; Do deeds that make a true difference: Don’t tell someone you’ll do something, unless you commit to following it through to fruition. The actions you take should be significant, in life and existence of your friends, and you should focus on making a positive difference.

James Taylor sang that You’ve got a friend, but true friendship is deed-centric, not based on rhetoric. Being a real friend enhances both your life, as well as making a significant difference for the better, for someone else!

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