How to Attract Women (and Make Them Fall Head-Over-Heels for You)

how to attract women

“It’s far better to ATTRACT a woman than to CHASE one. If a woman is ATTRACTED to you, half the game is over.” – David DeAngelo, Double Your Dating.

Women are attracted to certain types of men (and for certain reasons). There’re certain traits or qualities a man exhibits that women find attractive, and are therefore drawn to. And when you display those attractive qualities, any woman you meet will find you attractive.

In this article, I teach you how to attract women easily by displaying those attractive qualities around them.

I first share with you how to attract women without talking to them. Here, you’ll learn how to attract a woman you don’t know personally.

After that, I teach you how to attract the woman you want (or how to attract a woman when you’re getting to know each other). Here, you’ll learn how to make a woman attracted to you with your attractive qualities.

Then finally, I give you an important ingredient in dating that is essential to instantly attract any woman.

Now, what I share in this article boils down to one principle and one principle only… to attract women, you need to be different in an attractive way. You need to be unique and superior. Whenever a woman sees you, or in your presence, she has to have the impression that you’re more important than the other men she’s met. That’s how to attract women to you… and that’s exactly what I teach you in this article.

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Before we begin, let’s debunk the common misconception

Just like most men, you probably have the misconception that you have to be good-looking to attract women. Or you have to have more money to get a woman interested in you.

That’s false.

Sure, some women prefer men with lots of money – the gold-diggers. But what women find attractive in a man or what attracts a woman to a man is his attractive personality traits. [Read the 10 personality traits women find attractive in a man]

So when you display the personality traits and mannerisms I share in this article around women, you’re sure to get any woman attracted to you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re poor, bald, or obese. Women will find you attractive when you display these traits and mannerisms.

Even if she goes for the good-looking men, she will choose you over good-looks when you follow what I teach in this article.

As dating expert David DeAngelo has written in his book, ‘Double Your Dating‘: “Your personality is your GREATEST ASSET in the success-with-women game”.

With that said, let’s begin…

How to be attractive to women without talking to them

When a woman sees you for the first time, here’s how to attract her – how to attract a woman at first sight:

Improve your outward appearance

Dress neatly or properly whenever you’re out in public. (Either to meet women or just going out.)

Get a nice haircut if you need one. Shave or trim any excess body hair.

Keep your teeth clean, floss and use mouthwash. Keep your nails short, trimmed and clean.

Shower regularly and ALWAYS put on deodorant.

As the saying goes, “first impression counts”. And the same is true when it comes to dating women.

Women pay close attention to the way we (men) dress and our physical appearance.

They notice if our belt and shoes match, etc. So make sure you’re well-groomed when out in public.

The first step to attracting women is to look your best at all times.

When this aspect is covered, women will be checking you out. And will want to know you more.

Now, after you’ve worked on your appearance and whatnot, the next tip is to be cognisant of the way you behave and act around women.

So next, we look at how to attract women with the way you behave and act around them.

Women pay close attention to the way we dress and our physical appearance

The behaviour and mannerisms to demonstrate when out and about

What attracts a woman to a man the most or what women are attracted to is your behaviour and mannerism. (Not necessarily good looks, as discussed earlier.)

To get women attracted to you, you’d want to stand out from other men. You’d want to attract a woman’s attention and let her see you unique. You’d want a woman to see you fun and interesting when in your presence.

And to accomplish this, you have to exhibit the personality traits women find most attractive in a man.

And most especially, now that you’re looking to attract any woman (probably a woman you haven’t met or talked to yet), here’re the three (3) personality traits to exhibit when out and about:

  • Confident body language, specifically your posture
  • Sense of humor
  • Dominance

Other traits to exhibit when you’re getting to know each other (and to get her attracted to you) will be mentioned as you read on.

Now, when you specifically exhibit the above three (3) traits when out and about, you’ll notice women will be drawn to you.

Now, let’s get into detail.

…how to attract women with your posture

Posture is an essential body language to attract women. It communicates to women you are an alpha male. And interestingly, it also communicates you’re confident in yourself.

So when you’re standing, have a broad posture with shoulders back (not hunched over). With your head held high and back, with feet apart. And with your hands on your hips or with your thumbs hooked in your pockets.

…the next traits to demonstrate is humor

Be funny or have a sense of humor (and you’ll become attractive to women).

Now supposedly your potential girlfriend is among a group. Make witty comments when talking to the group. And ‘communicate’ to your potential girlfriend you’re a fun person to be around with. Because here, when you get her laughing, she will feel attracted to you. (Before you even start getting to know each other).

…the next traits to demonstrate is dominance

In other words, show leadership characteristics.

What do I mean by this?


…don’t let people belittle you.

Be in control, and don’t be afraid to voice your opinion.

These traits outweigh any flaws

These are what really attracts women.

They overcome looks and riches. And it gets women purportedly out of your league attracted to you.

From the way you carry yourself, to how you make people feel around you, will naturally get any woman attracted to you.

So that’s how to attract women the moment they lay eyes on you.

Women are not attracted to looks. But to your attitude and mannerism

Now, let’s move on to how to get a woman attracted to you, or how to attract the woman you like. Thus, when you’ve met a woman and you’re getting to know each other.

How to Attract a Woman You’ve Just Met

From here onward, I teach you how to make women attracted to you or how to attract a woman you like when you’ve just met.

Let’s get started… how to be attractive to women.

Be different

The average man puts a woman on a pedestal, because he is afraid the woman won’t like him.

He is too nice and agrees with everything a woman says. Because he wants to please her. And he wants the woman to like him.

But acting this way will make a woman manipulate you.

To attract a woman, you need to be different.

Don’t put women on a pedestal. Don’t do things to please or impress a woman.

Sure… respect women and don’t be arrogant. But don’t let them walk over you.

“If a woman can have anything she wants anytime she wants it, then why the hell do men think that they’re going to be interesting by doing the same thing that every other man has done?” – says dating expert, David DeAngelo.

So stand out from other men.

Demonstrate that you have standards, and you’re a high-status man. And you’re not going to allow her to treat you like the wimpy a$$ kissers.

Next tip on how to attract a woman is to…

Show no interest in her

The best way to attract women, or the best way to attract a woman you like is to pretend you’re not interested in her. Yet demonstrating attractive personality traits that will make her attracted to you.

A proven tactic that really attracts a woman to a man, most especially now that you’re getting to know each other, is to show no interest in her at the beginning of meeting her.

In simple words… send mixed signals or play hard to get.

Movies have led us to believe that to get a woman interested in you, you need to be the one to chase or pursue her. But that SHOULD NOT be the case.

In fact, excessively showing interest can hurt your chances of winning a woman over.

If she knows you’re already attracted or interested in her, it gives her the upper hand.

As dating expert David DeAngelo has written in his book, ‘Double Your Dating’: “It’s far better to ATTRACT a woman than to CHASE one”.

So instead of being the pursuer, be the one being CHASED or PURSUED.

Gone are the days when you childishly do things to impress a woman. Or foolishly (misguidedly) try to score with a woman. And telegraph your intentions or ulterior motive.

This time around, show maturity and make women chase you instead.

Of course, don’t be a stand-offish

Just try not to show signs of interest at the beginning of meeting her.

Don’t be smiling excessively. Don’t do too much nice things for her. Even if she asks, say “NO”.

In fact, give the impression you don’t care if she is the only attractive woman around. What attracts women to men or what women are attracted to in men, is the “I don’t care” personality.

Remember, women (especially beautiful or attractive women) are used to men hitting on them on a regular basis…

…so showing no interest not only communicate to a woman you’re not looking to score, but interestingly, it drives her nut. And thus, intensifies her attraction for you.

Plus, it communicates to her you have standards.

When you demonstrate this attitude around women, you will stand out. And they will find you attractive. [Read how to make any woman want you so bad]

It’s far better to attract a woman than to chase one

The next tip on attracting a woman is to…

Hone your communication skills

As you learn how to attract a woman towards you, it behoves you to know how to talk to women.

Engage the woman you like in an emotional and fun conversation.

Emotional and fun conversation in the sense that it has to be about her and her interests.

So talk about things or topics that interests her.

The best way to do this is to ask her questions about herself, then follow up her responses.

What attracts women the most is the “I want to know you” personality or mannerism.

So gear the conversation towards getting to know her, instead of talking about boring topics.

…engage her in an inspiring and exciting conversation and make her have fun around you

Talk and share a commonality. Describe the hobbies you both enjoy. This is how to emotionally attract a woman.

Ask superficial questions about who she is, then move into deeper emotional questions about her goals and her future plans.

Talk about your favorite celebrities too.

Always talk about engaging topics and avoid the negative and controversial ones.

If you’ve got an interesting, amusing to passionate stories in connection with what you’re discussing, tell them.

“Being able to tell a good story is IMPERATIVE in not only keeping the conversation going, but also in helping you to attract your target and create a sense of comfort and connection with them”, says dating expert and pick up artist, Joseph Matthews, in his book ‘The Art of Approaching’.

If you can connect with the woman you like on a deeper emotional level, you will increase your chances of attracting her dramatically.

And while at it…

…show your humorous side and get her laughing uncontrollably

Make humorous statements when talking to a woman you like.

Teasing a woman is also a great way to show your humorous side. Tease her in a playfully manner any chance you get.

Do you have some funny jokes you can tell? Then tell them.

Let her see you as a fun person to be around with. And you will stand out in an attractive way.

Don’t try too hard to be funny. Just make witty comments. And no mean jokes either.

The way you speak also helps you become attractive to women

Speak in a deep voice and with energy. And use gestures, facial expressions, and even different voices to emphasis your points.

This will make you interesting in the eyes of a woman. And as I mentioned earlier, you’d want women to see you different in an attractive way.

In addition to speaking in a deep voice, is to speak slow and clear.

In other words, don’t be talking too fast. Take your time to convey your message.

Next on how to be more attractive to women is to also…

Show her you’re a fun person to be with

How do you attract women or a woman with this?


Mini-date with her.

Again, if you want to attract a woman, you’d want to come across as an exciting and interesting guy. And in order to do this, you have to mini-date with her when the opportunity presents itself.

This means maximising the time you spend together. Go for a walk on the park, go to fairs.

Spend quality time together getting to know each other while having fun.

This makes you stand out. Because she probably hasn’t experienced this before.

So in addition to your sense of humor and engaging her in an exciting conversation, mini-date with a woman to show her you’re a fun person to be with.

Pass her tests

Disagree with a woman when she’s in the wrong. Voice your opinion. And do not give in to her drama.

In short, stand your grounds.

This will communicate to her you’re different from the other men she’s met.

A woman will always test you to see if you’re weak, inferior and whatnot.

She will try to manipulate you. If you give in, not only will she walk all over you, but she will see you as the type of man she doesn’t feel any attraction for.

Similar to being different, you have to be able to pass her tests. Let her know you have standards. And you will not allow her to treat you anyhow.

Yes, you’ve probably shown some interest. But you have to ‘communicate’ to her you’re ready to walk away.

Be mysterious and UNPREDICTABLE

Here’s also how to attract women instantly.

“Don’t be predictable. Do the unexpected when they LEAST expect it,” says dating expert David DeAngelo.

In other words, do things or act contrary to her expectations.

If she calls you to hang out, say you’re busy and reschedule. If she asks you to do something for her, tell her “No”. But do it later when she least expects it.

Be mysterious as well.

Don’t tell a woman everything about yourself. Even when she asks, hold back some of the details or try to change the subject. And let her discover them on her own.

Now, to the last tip on how to attract a woman…

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Other tips to attract women (what to do and what to avoid)

  • Don’t be preoccupied with any physical flaws you may have. Instead, be attractive to yourself and your ability to attract women. In the words of dating expert Steve Scott, “fix what you can, then learn to accept the things beyond your control.”
  • Be knowledgeable or demonstrate intelligence. Thus, if you’re going to say something, make sure you know what you’re talking about.
  • Don’t be complimenting her too much just about anything. Just notice the littles things the ordinary man wouldn’t notice, then compliment her on it. Here, when other men are complimenting her on her looks and physique, you’re doing something different. You’re complimenting her on the little details the other men failed to notice. Like the new hairdo or the new shoe she’s wearing.
  • Demonstrate positivity. Talk about problems and bad situations in a positive light. This also includes showing friendliness towards other people.
  • Be romantic. Sure, don’t show interest at the beginning. But there’re some instances when you have to let her know you find her attractive too.

As you know what to do to attract women, it is equally important you know what NOT to do:

  • Don’t buy a woman gifts with the hopes that she will like you. Because it telegraphs to her what your intentions are. And she will rather find you unattractive.
  • Don’t INTENTIONALLY do things to get a woman’s attention. It communicates to her you’re needy (and it’s unattractive).
  • Never brag or show off.

So that’s how to attract a woman you like (or how to attract women).

An important stuff to know

Always demonstrate confidence.

Develop a positive mindset and believe in your abilities to succeed with women.

Believe you have what it takes to get women to like you. And that every woman will be lucky to be with you.

Even if you’re poor or obese… have the belief that you can attract or get any woman you want with your personality.

When you’re thinking like this, your confidence will grow.

And this will manifest in everything you do. And women will pick up on it, and will find you attractive.

Conclusion: How to attract women

Now you know how to attract any woman you like.

I’ve shared with you the ways to attract a woman without speaking to her, or how to attract females you don’t know personally. And also, you’ve learned how to attract a woman when you’re getting to know each other.

Sure, there are other tips on attracting a woman (or things that attract women to men) that I probably haven’t mentioned in this article. But, one thing is for sure… to attract any woman, you need to be different in an attractive way. You’d want to stand out from other men and let her see you unique and interesting. That is, exhibit the personality traits women find most attractive in a man, ESPECIALLY humor.

As dating expert David DeAngelo has written, “the one quality that attracts women the most (and keeps them attracted) is not something that they can initially ‘look’ for. It’s the way they FEEL when they are with you or thinking of you. If you don’t have wealth, power, fame, or looks, you’re going to have to use your personality to make them FEEL good. In the end, your personality is the most powerful asset you have.”

So that’s how to get the woman you want to be attracted to you. By making her feel good when she’s with you.

Any man can learn how to attract women naturally if he is willing to learn how and put it into action.

Combine what you’ve learned here and what you already know, and let it be a natural part of you. And you’re guaranteed to attract any woman you want.

So there you have it – how to attract a woman you like (or how to attract women).

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