Why It Is Important to Have Friends Who Aren’t Exactly Like You

Friends Who Aren't Exactly Like You

An English poet said “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.” William Shakespeare has never been more precise in defining true friendship. Our friends have a special kind of love for us that they and only them can impart regardless of who and what we are.

But, why do only seek friendship from those who are like us? Is it because we are afraid to be judged and be left out? Let me share reasons why we should be friendly to people who are not us and live the valuable teachings of Shakespeare.

There is so much to learn from them

What is meant by “friends not exactly like you” is that they are way different from with regard to personality, beliefs, values system, interests and even preferences. These kinds of people will not only offer you companionship, but endless knowledge about important things you are less likely to encounter if not for them. Yes, it is a challenge to get to know them since they don’t usually not run in your circles. You, however, have to come out of your zone for a chance to meet these rare individuals.

Introduce you to new adventures

Friends, who are different from you, are the gateway to fresh adventures apart from being your life coach. If you are big into books, maybe you could get a friend who digs extreme sports like skydiving. It may sound daunting, but can you imagine the fun doing it with one of your favorite people in this world? This friend may be a way to reinvent and open yourself to an even more exciting life.

They keep things interesting

You can do away with your same old boring life with a friend who holds the cup of novel wisdom. As the friend who acquaints you with different knowledge and experience, you are saved from boredom of knowing and doing the same things. There is definitely something to look forward to everyday.

They complement you

Having distinct people in your clique may sometimes be chaotic. Nonetheless, each of your characters will complement and subdue one and another. That is, there a balanced dynamic relationship in the group. If you are more of an introvert, you will not bore the gang down with your silence as the silly friend is there to bring joy and laughter.

Although at times friends are one with us in crossing the line, they are also those who keep us levelheaded in the world full of crazy. Do not gather as many, but collect only real and eccentric ones.


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