Female Body Language: 10 Attraction Signals Every Man Must Know

female body language

Want to learn how to read a woman’s/female body language, and know which women are interested and open to your advances, and which women you’re wasting your time with?

Then this post is for you.

Here, you will learn some common female body language signals a girl/woman gives off to indicate she is attracted to you, open to talk to you, or interested in you.

As the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words,” and nothing could be more true when it comes to women and dating.

To borrow a phrase from dating expert Joseph Matthews, “The golden rule of picking up women: PAY ATTENTION! Keep your eyes peeled for the gestures and signals that women who are open to meeting you give off. It will make your job a million times easier!”

Yes, approaching women will be a million times easier when you know the ones that are attracted to you, and are interested and open to your advances.

You will know when a girl gives signals she’s opened to being approached, and when to make your move.

Keep in mind, girls/women will never make the first move when they are attracted to you. But sometimes they will intentional give off signals to get your attention.

So with that said, let’s get started.

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Common Female Body Language Signals That Women Give Out to Indicate They’re Interested in You

1. Pupil dilation

If you want to know that a woman is attracted to you, ALWAYS WATCH HER EYES.

When her pupils are dilated (the black center of her eye is really big), it means you’ve created intense feelings of arousal in her.

And the wider it gets, the more attracted and excited she is getting.

Pupil dilation is the most important unconscious attraction signal, the big attraction indicator women have absolutely no control over.

However, there are some factors that can influence its interpretation.

For instance, if it’s dark, the pupils naturally become wider to let in more light. And if she’s using drugs or she’s drunk, her pupils will dilate as well.

So be aware of these factors when you’re watching her eyes and don’t get the wrong idea.

But if it’s during the day and her pupils dilate, SHE IS TOTALLY INTO YOU.

2. The sideways glance

This is a flirting female body language.

This is when she stares at you over her shoulder until you notice her and then she looks away.

A girl who is attracted to you and wants you to approach her and talk to her will give you this flirting look.

So if you are sitting in a room and you notice a girl gaze at you that way, it’s a “GO” signal and she wants you to approach her.

In other words, if you approach her, she will be receptive to talking to you.

3. Wet lips

The other female body language/signal to look out for is her lips.

Pay attention to her lips and it will tell you if you’ve successfully created an arousal in her.

A wet lip slightly drawn apart is a sign of attraction.

Also when she starts licking her lips, especially when she’s talking to you – it means you’ve successfully seduced her.

4. Head toss

Another big signal a girl/woman exhibits that communicates/tells she finds you attractive is the head or hair toss.

Here, she flicks her head to throw her hair backwards or away from her face showing part of her neck.

However, she might toss her hair over her shoulder when the wind is blowing. Otherwise, if she keeps on doing it, then it’s a clear sign she finds you attractive.

5. Watch what she’s doing with her hands

Also pay close attention to what she does with her hand.

When a girl slowly strokes or touches herself, what she is subconsciously telling you is she wants you to touch her.

If she is slowly moving a pen over her lips she is telling you to kiss her.

When she fondles objects like pens, sun glasses, drinking glasses, or stroking her thigh, it means you’ve successfully seduce her.

6. Exposed wrists

Another attraction signal is when she exposes her wrists and the palms of her hand towards you.

This is an “accepting” gesture, and she is telling you something. She is sending the signal that she wants you to take her by the hand or take her someplace else.

7. Opened legs

When a woman crosses her legs, she is protecting her genital area.

But when she sits and opens her legs towards you – making her genitals more vulnerable – it signals her attraction towards you.

She will not fully open her legs though. It will be very subtle, exposing just a slight gap.

This can be intentional and often they slowly cross their legs in front of you, trying to draw your attention to what’s between her legs.

This is also a major “GO” signal and it means she wants to take things further with you.

8. Crossed leg

If a woman crosses her legs and slightly exposes her thigh or strokes it, she is calling your attention to her thigh, which signals her interest towards you.

She can also signal her interest when she plays with her shoes or touches the edge of her dress.

This is a “GO” signal, which means she is willing to accept your advances.

9. Knee pointing

When a girl sits with leg crossed and she points her knee (the knee of the leg tucked in) towards you, it means you are the guy she is interested in.

10. Hips

A woman’s hips make her body more attractive to men.

Notice how women move their hips side to side as they walk?

When she makes it more prominent, she’s drawing your attention to her hips and she wants you to come and sweep her off her feet.

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Now, you know how to recognize the female body language signals, and make your move in ways that won’t get you rejected.

The above listed female body language signals are nonverbal action or gesture that means you’ve attracted her or created the necessary feelings of arousal in the girl.

What is left for you to do is make your move before it’s too late.

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