The Alpha Man: The Man Every Man Wants to Be and Every Woman Wants to Be With

alpha man

Without a doubt, there are more than one kind of man. There is the alpha man and there is the rest.

Unlike the other kind of men, the alpha man is a man of high value. He has leadership characteristics and he is confident (traits women find attractive).

His self-worth comes from within. Thus, he doesn’t look to people, especially women for validation or seek their approval. This includes, bragging and showing off to get women’s attention.

Truth is, he is not needy and he doesn’t put women on pedestal or waste his time trying to impress a woman. Because he’s the prize, and women should be the ones to work for his attention.

In fact, he is the MAN every man wants to be and every woman wants to be with.

And surprisingly, he doesn’t plead for s*x as well.

Yes… he has desires like any other man. He is s*xual and he is not ashamed of it. But he doesn’t chase women. After all, if he wants some, he can easily get it.

He doesn’t have to spend too much money on a woman he has a crush on (such as buying her expensive stuffs and taking her out to expensive or fancy restaurants), to get her to like him in return or impress her. Heck! He’s an alpha. Women do such stuffs instead, to seek his approval.

(If he’s going to spend tons of money at all, he spends it on the woman he’s already in a relationship with.)

The alpha man is also not concerned with what people think of him. And he also doesn’t feel threatened by other men. (Thus, competing for the attention of an attractive woman). Because surely, he knows what he’s made up of. He knows he’s an alpha and a good catch. And not only can he get any woman he wants, but women rather clamour for his attention.

Now, aside from his attractive mannerism and alpha male traits, he also knows how to make people, especially women, feel good and comfortable around him.

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