5 Body Language of an Alpha Male that Instantly Gets Women Attention (And Gets Them Attracted to You)

alpha male body language

The alpha male body language that will get ANY woman clamouring for your attention.

Haven’t you always wondered what it was that certain men had that made them so successful with women?

These men have certain traits that get women all over them, clamouring for their attention.

These men are what we call the ALPHA MEN.

The alpha man is slightly different from the average man.

He is the man every man wants to be and every woman wants to be with.

He exhibits traits that make him MAN and MASCULINE. And this is what attracts women.

You don’t have to be good-looking or rich to be attractive to women. But you need to have certain traits that are far more important than riches and good looks.


This trait(s) is none other than the right body language.

And as you portray the right alpha male body language, you too can be attractive to women and have the hottest girls/women clamouring for your attention.

Below are some of the prominent traits or alpha male body language that gets women attention, and how to use them to get the success you want with women:

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The Alpha Male Body Language

1. Walking with purpose

Not too fast… not too slow.

When an alpha male is walking down the street, it gets people’s attention (both men and women).

The alpha male walks unhurriedly.

He holds his head high and walks with swagger.

He knows what he wants from life, and he is actively pursuing it.

This conveys confidence. And it is no secret that girls/women are attracted to men with confidence.

Walking with purpose communicates/signals to women that aside from being confident in yourself, there’s more to life than chasing skirt.

Carlos Xuma in his course Secrets of the Alpha Man calls this the ‘Purposeful walk’, “Not too slow, but not speed-walking like old people in the mall. A brisk walk shows intention and that you’ve got somewhere to be. You’re not just aimlessly wandering the streets looking for something to come to you. You’re out going after what you want.”

This is the sort of man hot women pursue or try to win over.

So, when you are walking, walk with purpose.

Walk as if you’ve just won a million-dollar lottery, and you don’t need other people’s approval, or any woman would be lucky to have you.

To borrow a phrase from Joseph Matthews, creator of The Art of Approaching, “When you move, move with grace. I’m not talking about a ballerina type of grace here, but rather an “arrogant” sort of grace that will garner attention.”

The alpha man knows what he wants from life, and he is actively pursuing it.

The next trait/alpha male body language is…

2. Having a relaxed and spread-out posture

Whether you are standing or sitting.

Spread out your body.

The alpha male uses his body to attract women. He stands straight with his shoulders back, hands at his side, and feet apart.

This is the body language to emulate.

When you stand, stand straight with your chest out and head held up high.

Don’t slouch or hunched over.

Leave your hands at your side. Don’t put them in your pockets.

And don’t cross your arms. This posture somewhat keeps people away.

As Joseph Matthew has written in his book, The Art of Approaching, “If you are looking for something to do with your hands, lock your thumbs in your belt above your pants pockets, with your fingers pointing down to your crotch.”

Yes down towards your crotch.

And when you sit, lean back and lounge.

Avoid nervous behaviours, such as twitching your nose, licking, pursing or biting your lips (do that in the restroom, where no woman is watching).

Also avoid fidgeting nervously, like fidgeting with a pen or physical objects.

Instead hold a purposeful stance that doesn’t appear nervous (even if you are nervous inside).

Also keep in mind that women will pick up on what you do way more than what you say. So when speaking or explaining something, add in some facial expressions and slow hand gestures.

Your posture tells a lot about you, so use yours to attract women.

The alpha male uses his body to attract women.

After working on your posture…

3. Don’t be afraid to take up space

… especially if you are in a crowded area.

The alpha male doesn’t allow people to push him around. He holds his ground by not letting others take up his space.

So when you are standing in a group or in a crowded area, take up space by maintaining a broad stance.

Even when you sit, lean back and expose your crotch.

Don’t let others crowd you.

But this doesn’t mean you should be rude to people (especially in crowded areas) and prevent them from coming into contact with you.

Make physical contact with them and take up space.

4. The alpha man holds strong eye contact with everyone

Make strong eye contact with everyone you talk to. Including women you pass on the street (regardless of whether or not you’re attracted to them).

To borrow a phrase from Carlos Xuma, “The eyes communicate an immense amount about you. From where you look to how long you hold her gaze. The way you use your eyes is a primary indication of your status in the pack. If you can hold prolonged eye contact, you immediately communicate Alpha status.”

Making prolonged eye contact when talking to people, gives the impression of dominance.

As author John Alexander has written in his book: How to Become an Alpha Male, “Your eyes are the number one nonverbal cue that tells people you’re an alpha male. A dominant man is not afraid to gaze directly at people. By averting your gaze, you communicate submissiveness. When you look down, you communicate self-consciousness, shame, and a sense of low status.”

Don’t hold it wide open, relax them. And keep them seductive, especially when talking to women, and she will like you.

When you see a girl/woman you like or are interested in, make a direct eye contact and hold it for as long as you can.

You can also give them a nod and a smile if you want to.

When you are talking a woman, make eye contact… but when she is the one speaking, don’t do it too much. Give your eyes a break every now and then.

Now here’s a secret tip:

Don’t hold too much eye contact when a guy is speaking to you, look off to the side. The only time you should make eye contact is when you are saying something to him.

5. Smile only when there is something to smile about

This doesn’t mean you should keep a serious expression all the time.

Even though smiling conveys an engaging friendly attitude, smile only when there is something to smile about (don’t do it way too much).

Smile occasionally, but not excessively.

Smile when you meet someone for the very first time. And when you are talking to them, smile when there’s something that is worth smiling about, smile and relax your look.

Know when to smile and when to keep a serious expression.

In other words, as pick up expert John Alexander puts it, “Make sure to strike a balance between dominance and likeability. If you never smile, then the woman won’t like you. But if you smile excessively, it makes you seem like you have low social status – you are trying too hard.”

Too much smiling can come across as supplication or approval seeking.

An alpha male doesn’t smile for approval; he smiles to show his approval.

Understand this: Don’t be afraid to laugh when you are having a good time. Everyone loves a good time.

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An Alpha Male Body Language Bonus Tip:

Don’t be afraid to touch a girl/woman when talking to her.

This helps strengthen the comfort and connection you are building with her. Plus it signals you are confident with women and you are not afraid to touch her. (Don’t be nervous about it)

Touch her when you want to emphasize a point.

Demonstrate dominance by physically moving her around or hold her hand to lead her around.

For instance, if you are telling a funny story and she is laughing, reach out and touch her lightly on the arm or shoulder.

Touch her hand, wrist, forearm, and even her knee (when sitting beside or across her)

If she allows you to touch, without her retreating, then it means she is comfortable and feels affection towards you.

But if she reacts negatively, then you will know you are wasting your time hanging out with her.

So there you have it – 5 alpha male body language that instantly gets a woman’s attention.

If you’ve ever wondered what certain men had that get girls all over them, well you now know.

Emulate these traits or body language and any woman who sees you will find you attractive and clamour for your attention.

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