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About Guys & Gurls

GuysandGurls is your love, relationship, and dating website. You learn the best dating tips and relationship advice to improve your dating and personal life.

About The Author

My specialty is helping the average guy to be successful in the world of dating and improve his personal relationship with women.

I started blogging because of my passion for sharing my knowledge and experience on relationships. Because I love helping men really understand women.

I’m not a relationship therapist. I’m not a pick-up artist. But I bring you quality information on dating and relationship.

I share my personal experience coupled with extensive research and consultation with other dating experts to help the average guy improve his dating and relationship skills. And therefore, I view myself as a Relationship Enthusiast and Researcher.

They don’t teach dating and relationship skills in school. So I took it upon myself to teach men these skills.

What I teach on this blog is unique and practical. So have fun reading my posts.

There’s a lot of good information especially if you want meet and date girls or women in a real-world practical way.

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